The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) and TRENDS Center discuss the role of scientific research in climate issues



The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the TRENDS Research and Advisory held an orientation session on the important role of scientific research in advancing climate action. The two sides exchanged their relevant experience of fostering and developing constructive partnerships for serving this noble purpose.


The meeting was held at the Ministry's headquarters in Dubai. It was attended by His Excellency Mohammed Saeed Al Nuaimi, Assistant Under-Secretary, Support Services Sector at MoCCAE, His Excellency Eng. Essa Al Hashmi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Sustainable Communities Sector at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of the TRENDS Research and Advisory. Present in the meeting were the concerned officials and experts from both sides.





The session focused on prospects for cooperation in areas of common interest. The two sides discussed ways and means to achieve the goals of serving the environment and promoting sustainability. They covered areas related to encouraging mutual cooperation in the field of scientific research, and supporting the upcoming UN Conference of the Parties "COP 28" to be held in Dubai, through developing partnerships that enhance various aspects of research and sustainability issues.


Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali briefed the attendants about TRENDS Research and Advisory. He said the Center was established with the objective to be an independent research and advisory center and positively contribute to scientific studies. He describes TRENDS as a global-oriented research institution that seeks to build a network of robust partnerships. He said that TRENDS center serves specialized knowledge and contribute to envisioning the future, and even participate in its making.





Dr. Al-Ali reviewed the efforts of "TRENDS" in issuing relevant studies about climate change and the environment. He said the Center continues its efforts in support of the "COP 28" conference, through various research endeavors, activities and conferences. In addition, TRENDS follows-up on its activities through its daily work. Dr. Al-Ali explained that a higher committee has been formed to follow up, continue research and put initiatives to support COP28 conference and achieves its goals.

He stressed that the TRENDS Center works through its researchers and experts. IT publishes research studies, organize training programs and hold opinion polls on various issues of interests. The Center delivers knowledge content on climate and the environment. It covers other topics that help specialists, academics, institutions and agencies achieve their goals with the help of balanced and objective scientific research insights.
Dr. Al-Ali also stressed TRENDS’ keenness to enhance the capabilities of young researchers as the builders and leaders of the future. He pointed to the importance of knowledge exchange and strategic and institutional development. This approach promotes innovation and supports the community in all its fields.





In turn, His Excellency Mohammed Al Nuaimi and His Excellency Eng. Essa Al Hashmi expressed their great admiration for TRENDS’ broad array of publications covering subjects of interest. They expressed laudatory comments for the objective scientific endeavors by TRENDS, and appreciated the quality and diversity of these publications. The two officials praised TRENDS pursuit of partnerships that enhance scientific research and support climate efforts and the "COP 28" conference. They also appreciated the Center’s keenness to empower young people, raise their capabilities and refine their skills to enable them to innovate and learn. This great effort would enhance the young generation contribution to shape the future of their homeland and beyond.


Their excellencies affirmed that the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is honored to cooperate with TRENDS in several fields, especially in scientific research.
The Ministry will join hands in sponsoring serious publications and specialized research. In addition, the two sides shall cooperate to ensure the exchange of research experiences and expertise regularly, and encourage the transfer of knowledge.

Both parties agreed to hold further meetings that strengthen their mutual partnership. They shall develop frameworks for areas of cooperation, define the sound means and organize the relevant mechanisms.


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