TRENDS and Abu Dhabi University sign a joint Agreement on Research Cooperation



Trends Research and Advisory and Abu Dhabi University signed a joint cooperation agreement on coordination in the fields of scientific research and human studies. The agreement shall support the two sides’ objectives of promoting serious scientific research. It is intended to broaden the base, diversify the sources and harness research to serve the community.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Dr. Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri, Chairman of Abu Dhabi University and Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali, CEO 0f TRENDS Research & Advisory. The agreement was initialed for both sides by Prof. Ghassan Awwad as the University Chancellor and Mr. Mohammad Al-Salimi, Head of TRENDS Research & Advisory Sector.





The agreement enhances cooperation between the two parties in the fields of research and studies. It covers futuristic studies, opinion polls, exchange of publications, experts and researchers. Both parties shall benefit from mutual experience, and participation in their research events.

Dr. Ali Saeed Al Dhaheri praised TRENDS research efforts, the quality of its publications and its global reach. He expressed his admiration for TRENDS specialization in a number of disciplines, which made it a trusted reference for scholars and researchers. He said that the signed agreement will promote cooperation between the two sides based on their strong commitment to enable students to pursue visionary studies. Students and academics will conduct balanced and documented scientific research and benefit from the immense output of research centers at the local, regional and global levels.


Dr. Al Dhaheri expressed his sense of pride in having the opportunity to cooperate with a great international research institution such as the TRENDS Research and Advisory. “This joint effort comes at a time when we continue to offer extensive curricula and educational programmes and enhance participation and cooperation with peer institutions. Our ultimate aim is to enable our university students to develop their academic skills and to enhance efforts to transfer knowledge and exchange experience”, Dr. Al Dhaheri said.





Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory confirmed that this agreement is a fruit of TRENDS’ keenness to develop partnerships with universities, academic institutions and research centers. He said that the agreements shall be utilized to serve genuine and serious scientific research.

Dr. Al-Ali praised the synergy of scientific and academic efforts of TRENDS as a research center and the prestigious academic institution of Abu Dhabi University. He said that mutual cooperation between academic and research Institutions usually leads to accurate output and evidence-based evaluation of results. He appreciated the quality of education programmes delivered by the university to its distinguished students. Dr. Al-Ali hailed the Abu Dhabi University for its important role in serving the local, regional and global research communities. He noted the unique progress achieved by the University in regards to its substantial investment in Research and Development and technological advancements.




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