Celebrating Emirati Women's Day.. TRENDS Research and Advisory appreciates its women researchers’ role in spreading knowledge and envisioning the future


TRENDS Research and Advisory celebrated the Emirati Women Day, which falls on August 28 of each year, in recognition of their best efforts and active contributions to spread knowledge, foresee the future and participate in making it.

On this occasion, TRENDS honored its female employees, under the theme of "Inspirational Reality and Sustainable Future". TRENDS praised the female researcher’s role in scientific research, aimed at building a generation empowered with knowledge.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that women enjoy special support and appreciation for their effective role and contributions, alongside their male peers in the process of construction and achieving overall renaissance. He stressed that TRENDS has pledged to empower Emirati women, especially young female researchers, in the field of knowledge and scientific research. This would help the Center achieve its full social role  and deliver its mission in building a capable and empowered generation that believes in knowledge as a tool to envision the future.

He said that TRENDS Research and Advisory is committed to the process of building a capable generation of young female researchers. So, it has worked since the first day of its inception to qualify them in the field of scientific research. Dr. Al-Ali explained that TRENDS is proud today that a number of its research and media leaders of young Emirati women have proven their position and showcased their pioneering excellence.

The Corporate Communications Department at TRENDS organized a special day for the occasion, which included many cultural as well as artistic events, including a painting event that honored the legacy of Emirati women.

Warda Al Menhali, Director of Corporate Communications, said that TRENDS has provided the opportunity for women in general and young women in particular to work in the field of research. TRENDS has indeed trained and empowered them in several fields. She expressed her appreciation and honor to work at the TRENDS Research and Advisory, which has gained international recognition and appreciation.

Sumaya Al Hadhrami, Deputy Director of TRENDS Global Sector, said that TRENDS research efforts have enabled the Center to engage distinguished female researchers who have become a source of inspiration and pride for other Emirati women to join the drive. She expressed her appreciation for celebrating and honoring Emirati women on their special annual day.