TRENDS study reviews the Implications of the Israeli Recognition of Morocco’s Sovereignty over Western Sahara


A new study by the Trends Center for Research and Advisory confirmed that the promotion of mutual interests and respect for the political convictions of each nation are the main drivers for the continuity of bilateral relations.

The study entitled "The Sahara Issue: The Moroccan Approach and the Dimensions of the Israeli Position," explained that with the recent development of Israeli-Arab bilateral relations, which constituted a quantum leap in contemporary Arab history, several questions have appeared about the nature and effectiveness of these relations.  There are speculations about whether such normalization will actually lead to the promotion of the interests of the countries that pursued direct relations with Israel, whether they will hold to a certain extent, or repeat the experience of cold peace with both Egypt and Jordan.

The study was prepared by Muhammad Al-Dhuhouri, Head of the Strategic Studies Department and Sarah Al Niyadi, Senior Researcher at TRENDS Research and Advisory. The study stressed that Israeli-Arab relations pose a real test for the new approach adopted by some Arab countries to enhance their interests with Tel Aviv. They also represent different ways to deal with the Palestinian cause and ensure a prosperous future for an independent Palestinian state.

The study indicated that the Israeli-Moroccan case is interesting, in light of the unique status attached to it by the Jews. The study considered the background of the conflict, in order to understand the Moroccan behavior towards this issue and its impact on its external moves. The study focused on the Moroccan-Israeli relations and the possible implications of the Israeli recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

The authors indicated that the issue of Moroccan demands for Israel to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara has been circulating in the Arab, Israeli and American press. Moreover, there were certain assuring steps that herald Tel Aviv's recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

The study concluded that the Israeli commitment would enhance Morocco’s confidence in Tel Israeli intentions. The Israeli move is an indication of Israel's alignment with the interests of the countries of the region. It would enhance the territorial integrity of these countries and consolidate their internal security and stability.

The Study concluded that this matter will be a motive for opening new channels of Arab-Israeli understanding, which will encourage new and different ways of dealings. New approaches will be established to deal with thorny regional issues, especially the Palestinian issue, which is in dire need for a new approach that guarantees the Palestinian and Israeli interests.

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