Trends Research and Advisory Launches its Administrative Training Programs


TRENDS Research and Advisory launched its first administrative training course under the supervision of Counselor Dr. Saeed Al-Tunaiji, a specialist in human resources development. The program is part of TRENDS’ initiatives to support trainees. It is part of TRENDS’ programs and strategic plan to empower youth, university graduates and public and private sector employees. The program provides the trainees with the skills of scientific research, analysis and administrative work. The intensive training falls in line with TRENDS’ objectives of preparing qualified human cadres to deal with various developments, changes and challenges.

The initiative, launched by the Training and Development Department at TRENDS Research and Advisory, includes incentives to support national trainers and trainees. It is supervised by a specialist in the administrative field, Counselor Dr. Saeed Al-Tunaiji. Employees and university students from various entities receive training on various managerial skills required by business entities and others.

The department called on UAE national trainers wishing to cooperate with TRENDS in this field to communicate via the email: [email protected] and benefit from the unique initiative in this regard.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, stressed the importance of continuous training to create qualified generations capable of foreseeing the future and participate in making it using science and knowledge Skills. He indicated the necessity of training to refine the skills of students and employees alike, and enable them to possess the required theoretical and practical tools, through scientific research.

Dr. Al-Ali said that these specialized courses fall within the framework of social responsibility and partnerships of TRENDS with many local, regional and international institutions. They are part of the training programs run by TRENDS Research and Advisory to develop human cadres and provide them with the required skills. The training will enable them to deal with various developments, changes and challenges in their respective fields of work. The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory stressed that the Center has pledged to empower and qualify young people with such specialized training.