TRENDS Research and Advisory Participates in the (G20) Plus International Conference Organized by the Guangzhou Institute of China


TRENDS Research and Advisory participated in The Strategy-20 plus (S20+) International Conference of The Guangzhou Institute of the Greater Bay Area (GIG) in China. The conference explores "How the S20 group can enhance its role in conflict management and promote prosperity in the world”.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, expressed his appreciation for the Guangzhou Greater Bay Area Institute for their initiative to establish the Strategy S20 Plus (S20+) Forum. He said the forum brings together a group of intellectuals and opinion leaders from all S20 countries. It has become an important intellectual gathering and source of support for efforts to promote global peace and prosperity.

He added, "At the conference in Shanghai, we listened to many important ideas, put forward by experts from about 15 countries, who participated in the conference to discuss and explore "how the G20 can enhance its role in managing conflicts and promoting development in the world". Many issues and emerging problems were raised, such as the danger of artificial intelligence rivalry, how to escape the global recession, enhance cooperation in the digital economy and possible ways to reduce the intensity of international and regional conflicts. The debate about globalization and the future of global trade and the effects of relevant changes were also considered. Climate change and the global food crisis, how to manage the competition between major powers and other important ideas were discussed in depth.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali proposed a set of ideas to achieve the objectives of the conference and other similar international events. He said that the world today is in dire need to hear the voices of wisdom and moderation, which encourage the values of dialogue, peaceful coexistence and cooperation, as the main key to achieve development and stability for all countries and peoples. He explained that the increasing state of international polarization, which puts the world on the brink of major wars, does not serve anyone's interest. In fact, most of the current conflicts can be resolved through constructive dialogue, which gained the support of all parties, according to the "win-win" rule.

He stressed the important role played by experts, intellectuals and think tanks in promoting these positive values among decision-makers and communities alike.

Dr. Al-Ali indicated that major international groupings, led by the G20, which comprises 60% of the world's population and account for around 80% of global economic output, represent important platforms for promoting the values of dialogue, coexistence and cooperation between nations and governments. He pointed out that this S-20 informal intergovernmental forum, which includes international forces of different cultures, orientations and values, transcends the prevalent state of global polarization and serves as a basic platform to emphasize the significance of cooperation between countries and peoples.

The CEO of Trend stressed that the challenges facing the world today are common and require effective cooperation between different countries to address them. He explained that the phenomenon of climate change represents one of the most formidable challenges which should be addressed through joint cooperation. The growing disasters caused by global warming makes it imperative to manage this emerging challenge.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed the importance of cooperation by various countries with the UAE’s efforts to hold the COP28 conference. The UAE will host the conference at the end of November and the beginning of next December 2023. The UAE is striving for the success of this global event, in order to deliver decisive and fundamental results in addressing this serious challenge. The UAE is working hard at all levels to achieve global success in this respect.

Dr. Al-Ali concluded by stressing the importance of cooperation between research institutions, through making partnerships between opinion makers, experts and think tanks. The aim is to develop initiatives, visions and ideas that enhance international efforts aimed at achieving common prosperity for all.

He said that TRENDS Research and Advisory attaches great importance to this global cooperation. The Center has signed more than 200 cooperation and partnership agreements with various research and academic institutions in four years. Our aim is to encourage the exchange of constructive ideas to serve our societies.

TRENDS participated in the two-day conference and was represented by Ms. Najla Al-Zarooni, a non-resident researcher at TRENDS Research and Advisory. She moderated a session on "Prospects for Iranian-Saudi Relations". She said that the recent improvement in bilateral relations resulted in the exchange of ambassadors and other positive steps that restored normal relations between the two sides.


Al-Zarooni explained that Chinese mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran achieves important gains for the Gulf region and the Middle East in general. She indicated that the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran shall reduce regional tensions in the Middle East. She indicated that the Chinese role is not limited to the restoration of Saudi-Iranian relations, but ensures continued cooperation between regional powers.



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