TRENDS Inaugurates its Cairo Office as a Link between Regional and International Think Tanks


TRENDS Research and Advisory has just launched its virtual office in Cairo, as part of an effort to expand its global outreach, achieve its goals as a global knowledge bridge and become a link between regional and international think tanks.

Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, headed the inauguration ceremony in the Egyptian capital and said that the virtual office will be a channel of support to the headquarters in Abu Dhabi. It will supply TRENDS head office with research, studies and scientific reports. Moreover, the office shall facilitate the conclusion of scientific partnerships with Egyptian entities, institutions and think tanks. It will coordinate with Egyptian think tanks, universities, serve Arab and global strategic issues. The new office shall communicate with Arab and African academic experts, given the civilizational and cultural weight of Cairo.

Dr. Al-Ali delivered his inauguration remarks in the presence of an audience that included TRENDS heads of sectors and departments, consultants, experts, and the Cairo office team. The office includes a research unit with various expertise who shall work on remote basis using artificial intelligence and new technology.

Dr. Al Ali stressed that the virtual office shall complement the effort of TRENDS Dubai office It is an addition to the series of successes achieved by TRENDS Research and Advisory, which is confirming its global position as a platform for knowledge and scientific research.

TRENDS Center continues to build bridges through which we can advance dialogue with the others and enhance cultural and civilizational exchange with various nations around the world.

The CEO of TRENDS explained that the virtual office in Cairo was chosen because of the cultural and civilizational weight of Egypt. Cairo is a link between Arab and African countries, in addition to its active intellectual centers and research expertise that will enhance the outputs of TRENDS and deliver its balanced research to other parts of the world.


Global Barometer

Mr. Fahad Al Mahri, Head of the Dubai Office Sector, explained the office's march and said that it is a one-and-a-half-year journey that provided many services to TRENDS Research and Advisory. He said that the Global Barometer Department constitutes the pillar of Dubai Trends office through its work to measure public opinion in several fields.

Al Mahri explained that the Dubai office has carried out 25 field studies through opinion polls, in addition to dozens of special reports and feasibility studies. The office shall play a role in the International Government Communication Forum in Sharjah by organizing workshops, dialogues and compiling the economic index.

Window and link

Mohammed Al Salmi, Head of the Research and Advisory Sector at TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the Cairo Virtual Office falls in line with the spirit of contemporary technologies and the speed of modern communication, means. The Office shall act as a window and a link with a number of regional and global centers.

He added that the office will support the head office in Abu Dhabi with experts and researchers and form a link with think tanks in the African continent. The Cairo Office shall provide training and consulting services which constitute the bulk of the office work. Al Salmi explained that TRENDS is continuing to expand its research network and shall engage more partners. It has more than 200 researchers who collaborate with its various programs.