TRENDS discussed «Human Capital Management in a Crisis-ridden World» at the International Government Communication Forum 2023


TRENDS Research and Advisory discussed on Wednesday the results of an economic study entitled: " Human Capital Management in a Crisis-Ridden World: How to Preserve and Develop Wealth in Light of Global Economic Challenges.” The study was discussed on the "Government Communication Talk" platform, as part of the activities of the 12th edition of the "International Government Communication Forum 2023", organized by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau at Expo Center Sharjah.

The study recommended the need to preserve human resources in light of potential global economic challenges, by enhancing the efficiency of public and private spending in the economy in terms of investment in people. The discussion recommended the continuous review of the effectiveness of public spending on education and the health sector of the UAE economy. The paper   stressed that the banking sector and the social welfare funds sector play an important role in providing emergency support during periods of crisis.