TRENDS Panel: Investing in Youth and Human Capital is an Effective Way to Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth.


Harnessing human capital and investing in youth ensures sustainable economic growth in the long term, young researchers from TRENDS Research and Advisory said. They explained that a highly skilled workforce can build a resilient economy capable of resilience that withstands global fluctuations and emerging crises. Such an economy provides young people with the necessary skills and knowledge that enable them to respond to future challenges, adopt innovation and take advantage of available opportunities, to achieve sustainable development of their nations.

The main discussion theme was entitled: “Wealth Management in a Turbulent World: Harnessing Human Capital and Investing in Youth.” It was hosted by the "Our Youth is Our Wealth" platform within the activities of the 12th edition of the "International Government Communication Forum 2023". The speakers indicated that the current global economic and social challenges resulting from inflation, supply chain disruptions and the repercussions of climate change, require countries to explore the impact of these factors on the management of human resources. They must take actions to mitigate their impact on human capital, especially youth.