TRENDS organises panel discussion on ‘Youth, Education and the Future of Media’ during GMC


TRENDS Research and Advisory organised a panel discussion entitled "Youth, Education and the Future of Media" at its pavilion at the Global Media Congress (GMC) held at Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Centre.

The event was attended by an elite audience of researchers, media professionals, students, and content managers. The "Trends Podcast" recorded six episodes that discussed climate, sustainability, and media issues. Trends Research and Advisory signed agreements with five think tanks and media institutions.

Moza AlMarzouqi, Head of the Economic Studies Department at Trends, moderated the panel discussion. The speakers gave a critical account of media production, circulation and consumption in the contemporary world. They focused on technology development in digital media and its impact on the industry. The panel addressed relations between youth, education and the future of media on a global scale.

She said the panel discussion constitutes a global platform for cooperation, overcoming differences and reaching a shared vision. AlMarzouqi stressed the significance of empowering young people through media awareness, as it represents a commitment to build a more cohesive society.

Elyazia AlHosani. Head of Media Communication Office at TRENDS, stressed the role of scientific research centres and media outlets in addressing emerging challenges. She explained that opinion polls showed that 90% of adolescents between 13 and 17 use social media. 75% confirmed that they have at least one active social media account, while 51% said they visit one of the sites of social media on a daily basis.

With the advent of social media, the media space has become mostly chaotic and tends to be a fertile ground for disinformation. Therefore, research centres should disseminate correct and reliable information that can bridge the knowledge gap that exists today.

Abdullah Al-Riyami, Head of Content Strategy at Al-Khaleej Times; Rashed Al Saadi, media student and Emirates news reporter; Khadija Al-Shemaili, Aerospace Engineer, and Abdulla Al Mulla, Director of the Diwan Al Mulla, all discussed the dynamic landscape of contemporary society.

They said the interrelationship between youth, education and new media has become a focal point shaping how individuals learn, communicate and interact with the world around them. Today's young people are going through an educational process heavily influenced by the spread of new media tools. As digital platforms, social networks and online resources redefine standards for disseminating information, traditional education models are evolving to accommodate these transformative forces.

Speakers noted that social media is a playground for young people, where they use it to share their ideas, exchange experiences and express themselves. However, they warned that social media can also be a source of disinformation, and it is important that young people are aware of the potential risks.

The panel discussion witnessed great interaction from the attendees, as they raised many questions, sparking a lively discussion about the future of media and the role of youth in shaping it.

The speakers stressed the media industry's challenges in light of the unfolding technological developments. They noted the ability of young people to contribute to the effort of facing these challenges. They can spread awareness of the importance of verifying information before sharing it and promote a critical analysis culture among the wider public.

They also stressed the importance of helping young people develop critical thinking skills, promote creativity, communication and media production, and facilitate access to the latest developments in the media industry.

The panel discussion concluded with several recommendations to enhance the role of youth in the future of the media.


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