«Trends» highlights role of think tanks as catalysts for global tolerance, peace


Trends Research and Advisory, in collaboration with the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Global Ethics, convened a roundtable discussion during the Davos Economic Forum 2024, underscoring the pivotal role of think tanks in advancing the principles of tolerance and peace worldwide.

The roundtable, themed "For Establishing Tolerance and Global Peace: Intellectual Visions," drew insights from leaders of international research centres and intellectuals who contributed valuable perspectives.

Central to the dialogue was the exploration of how tolerance and peace contribute to sustainable development and their promotion on a global scale. The discussion emphasised the crucial role of education in solidifying these values, serving as a foundation for constructing societies rooted in peace and mutual understanding.

Addressing the need for educational reforms, participants highlighted the importance of adopting curricula inspired by the values of tolerance and understanding gleaned from human history, international agreements, and global ethics.

Experts advocated for emulating the Emirati approach in disseminating these values globally, viewing it as a significant stride toward a brighter future and enhanced cross-cultural understanding among diverse populations.

Commenting on these discussions, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Research and Advisory, said, "We believe that tolerance and peace are the basis of sustainable development. They are necessary pillars to create a more just and prosperous world".







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