«Trends» releases the Arabic version of the book: «The Twenty Years War... Jihadism and Counterterrorism in the Twenty-first Century»


Trends Research and Advisory released the Arabic translation of the book "The Twenty Years War... Jihadism and Counterterrorism in the Twenty-first Century". The Book documents in five chapters the global war against terrorism and extremism, which ran from 2001 to 2021. The book reviews the evolution of strategies to confront and counter terrorism through three phases (the classic war, the war against insurgency, and the weak footprint).

The book has been released as part of the program of scientific and knowledge events in preparation for the Center's participation in the Paris International Book Fair 2024. The book was initially launched at TRENDS - Dubai office, through a panel discussion on its content. The panel was moderated by Rahaf Al Khazraji, researcher and director of the scientific publishing department at Trends, with the participation of the book's authors, Dr. Marc Hecker, Deputy Director of the French Institute of International Relations, and Elie Tanenbaum, Director of the Center for Security Studies at the French Institute of International Relations.


5 Main Chapters

Rahaf Al-Khazraji said that the book, which TRENDS has translated from French into Arabic, discusses the consequences of the war that began with the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 and ended with the peace agreement concluded in Doha between the United States of America and the Taliban on February 29, 2020. The book reviews several waves of terrorism through five main chapters:  "The shock wave of super-terrorism (2001-2006), the era of fighting the insurgency (2006-2011), jihad revolutionizes (2011-2014), the return of the caliph (2014-2017), and the strange victory (2018-2021).