Lecture at TRENDS – New Technology Expert said: The Metaverse plays a key role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals


Mr. Khalid Qabaa, International Lecturer in New Technology in the United States of America, said that the metaverse technology plays a key role in achieving the sustainable development goals, and must be harnessed to gain a better and more sustainable future for all.

He stressed that the UAE was among the first countries to have paid great attention to metaverse technology since the emergence of this novel advancement in 2021.

TRENDS Research and Advisory Center organized a lecture about the subject yesterday at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi entitled: Virtual Worlds “Metaverse” Opportunities and Challenges: Sustainability and cyber conflict.

The lecturer said that the metaverse technology helps active groups to spread awareness about environmental issues.

He referred to the governmental and private challenges under the metaverse virtual worlds as well the cyber threats generated by the metaverse and neo-terrorism resulting from the use of metaverse tools by lethal terrorist groups in coordination and recruitment.

The Metaverse technology can create new cyber threats, by manipulating users and making them reveal sensitive information. The metaverse may traverse soft targets on ground for cyberattacks and therefore represents one of the biggest challenges for our security emanating from parallel virtual worlds.

As we indulge in this new reality, a comprehensive understanding of the potential for misuse of metaverse technology will be the key for ensuring security and safety in the use of metaverse.

The lecturer stressed the urgent need for technology companies to develop new security tools to protect applications designed for the metaverse technology.

International cooperation is needed to help mitigate the common risks of the metaverse.

Mr. Khaled reviewed the concept of sustainability and effective experiences. He talked about the origin and consequences of the metaverse.

He said that this new technology has main portals and supporting hardware. He explained the role of the metaverse in development, especially in the fields of public health, the environment and education.

The lecture was moderated by Mr. Abdulruhman Aljneibi, Acting Director of Marketing and Media Department, Trends Research and Advisory. He said that the metaverse technology has firmly established itself in recent years.

It is a new technology that develops parallel worlds, a three-dimensional virtual digital environment, in which users can enter and integrate into endless sets of virtual communities.

Mr. Abdulruhman Aljneibi said that in the metaverse, users can engage in a wide range of activities, such as using social media to communicate, gaming, learning, working, shopping and exploring virtual environments.

He explained that this new advent transcends traditional online platforms and include elements of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and other emerging technologies.

It creates a smoother digital experience and active engagement into virtual reality.













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