In Recognition of TRENDS’ Pioneering Research Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS designated as Member of Sharjah University Research Group


 The University of Sharjah has designated Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, as a member of the university's main research group. The move comes in recognition of Dr. Al-Ali’s active role as CEO of TRENDS, a leading regional and local think tank, as well as his efforts as a researcher and writer in the political, humanitarian and media fields.

The multidisciplinary group includes local, regional and international academic and research figures from within the UAE and renowned academicians from other universities. The research group is dedicated to the promotion of Gulf studies, encouraging academic exchange and the study of current issues. It provides various institutions with credible research output and recommendations.

The Sharjah University research group focuses on cultural, literary, historical and social studies in the Arab Gulf countries. It monitors material and intangible or cultural heritage in the countries of the region, develops research on Gulf studies and prepares an integrated Gulf encyclopedia that covers many fields; (Arabian Gulf Encyclopedia).

The group is also entrusted with setting research priorities as a reference for researchers in graduate studies, by identifying priority lines of research, providing the necessary data and information that help in developing sound public policies in areas of interest. Moreover, the research group provides common data and statistics in different fields.

The group works within five main lines of research: legislations and public policy, media and society, cultural and literary, economic development track and health and society.

In a statement on this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali appreciated the University of Sharjah and its administrative and academic leadership for their courteous gesture of designating him as a member of its main research group. Dr. Al-Ali praised the Sharjah University for adopting the best international practices, technological applications and electronic knowledge sources. He indicated that this advanced approach enhances the values of creativity and promotes the spirit of social and scientific responsibility. Dr. Al-Ali said that the University of Sharjah has secured a high-ranking position among international universities by developing and diversifying its academic programs. The University delivers competitive programs, according to the highest scientific standards. The CEO of TRENDS noted that Sharjah University includes ten research centers than run about 82 diverse research tracks.

Al-Ali stressed that his designation for the membership of this reputable research group is an honor and a great responsibility that necessitates more research and scientific efforts to support and develop the UAE knowledge community. He stressed that his selection is a tribute to TRENDS Research and Advisory and its pioneering research role at the regional and local levels.  Dr. Al-Ali explained that TRENDS Center, through its research vision, was able to position itself at the forefront of research centers. TRENDS has become a trusted platform for serious researchers in their quest for documented and balanced knowledge.

Dr. Al-Ali concluded his remarks by stressing the importance of research institutions and think tanks in supporting the Dr. Al-Ali concluded his speech by focusing on the importance of scientific research and think tanks in supporting the community and university efforts in analyzing events with scientific visions, anticipating their future prospects and even participate in making it.

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