TRENDS and American University in Dubai (AUD) sign Strategic partnership on research and academic cooperation Promoting joint scientific publishing, the exchange of expertise


TRENDS Research and Advisory has signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with the American University in Dubai, which opens new possibilities for cooperation in research and academic fields. The agreement shall facilitate the exchange of expertise in areas of common interest, and develop partnership between the two parties to promote innovative solutions in joint publishing.

The MOU was signed by Fahad Al-Mahri, Head of the Dubai Office Sector at TRENDS Research and Advisory and Dr. David Schmidt, President of the American University in Dubai. The agreement shall build constructive cooperation in organizing conferences, symposia, discussion panels, dialogue sessions and specialized seminars. Moreover, the two sides shall gain mutual benefit from the knowledge base and scientific and research expertise accumulated by each of them in various fields.


Research and Academic Exchange

Dr. David Schmidt, President of the American University in Dubai, said that the memorandum of understanding opens the potential for research and academic exchange at all levels. He described the agreement as a pivotal addition to the process of scientific research and joint knowledge production. Dr. Schmidt said the agreement supports the production of visionary research and studies in social and economic fields. It will facilitate cooperation and exchange of experts, researchers and non-resident researchers of the two parties and benefit from their immense experience.

Dr. David Schmidt stressed that TRENDS plays a major role in supporting scientific research in its various fields. He said that the memorandum of cooperation establishes a fruitful and constructive partnership with TRENDS Center and hoped that the memorandum will achieve the desired objectives. It will support academics and students, noting that the memorandum scope differs from the traditional legal instruments for academic studies and research, by dealing directly with real regional and international challenges. The output shall support the academic staff and research community.



Joint Publication

The President of the American University in Dubai praised the quality of research output and unique scientific studies produced by TRENDS. He appreciated the Center’s remarkable global activity in organizing seminars and conferences.  Dr. Schmidt explained that the memorandum of cooperation will open the potential for promising future participations between the two parties, in terms of producing quality publications, promoting joint scientific publishing, and organizing bilateral events with the participation of their experts.

Empowering Young Researchers

Fahad Al-Mahri, Head of the Dubai Office Sector at TRENDS Research and Advisory, explained that the American University in Dubai is considered one of the world's most prestigious scientific, educational and intellectual beacons. It represents a unique model in teaching humanities, economic and social sciences, which aims to prepare and qualify an empowered generation of young researchers who are capable of delivering creative and constructive criticism. They have the ability to develop their society and help achieve the sustainable development goals.

Al-Mahri indicated that the memorandum of cooperation with the American University in Dubai supports scientific research cooperation. It is an example of enhancing networks of fruitful relations with regional and international partners.  The agreement enables both sides to exchange insightful ideas on relevant issues of interest. It enables the university to achieve its mission of allowing the students of modern sciences and all segments of society the opportunity to initiative creative solutions. It will empower them to develop skills of constructive thinking, consolidate their psychological, intellectual and material balance. The society would be transformed into scientific space. It would become an influential global model with robust creative mentality. The society shall foster noble human values and develop valuable cooperation for the benefit of humanity.


United Scientific Efforts

Mr. Fahad Al-Mahri, Head of the Dubai Office Sector at TRENDS praised the AUD’s unique educational experience, which focuses on qualifying students for the labor market. The AUD runs continuous academic programs and training courses which are carefully tailored to suit the requirements of various career development. Mr. Al-Mahri indicated that the role of scientific, research and intellectual institutions also requires unifying research and scientific efforts to support the policymakers at the national, regional and global levels. This blend will help the policymakers make sound decisions, based on evidence-based research and accurate data. The research centers and academic institutions provide integrated academic and research visions for research work. Therefore, they can explore Issues and developments. Moreover, the two institutions shall contribute effectively, consolidate the foundations of scientific research and use credible research to serve students and human society at large. The ultimate goal is to promote the values of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, civilized dialogue and exchange of useful knowledge.



180 Memoranda of Cooperation

It is noteworthy that the Trends Center for Research and Advisory has so far signed more than 180 memoranda of cooperation with research and academic institutions, international universities and global think tanks. These MOUs establish fruitful relations between all parties and expand the knowledge base. The parties shall benefit from their accumulated scientific and research expertise. They will draw mutual benefit from their research and academic expertise, database and available information, in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of various global events and issues.





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