Talks with three Japanese research institutions on prospects of research cooperation



TRENDS Research and Advisory (TRENDS) discussed prospects for cooperation with three research institutions in Japan. They included the Institute of Energy Economics of Japan (IEEJ), the National Institute for Defense Studies and the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA). The discussions reviewed the prospects for joint research cooperation. TRENDS is concluding the second leg of its tour in the three Southeast Asian countries of South Korea, Japan and Singapore.


TRENDS Center delegation headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, visited the Institute of Energy Economics in Japan (IEEJ), where they met with Dr. Shuji Hosaka, Director of JIME Center of IEEJ. The Japanese side included Dr. Sean Watanabe, Dr. Shigeto Kondo, Dr. Kano Sato, Dr. Amane Kobayashi, Senior Researchers at the Institute of Energy Economics, and Dr. Akiko Yoshioka, senior analyst of JIME Center – Institute of Energy Economics. The Two sides discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of research and exchange of expertise. Moreover, they discussed issues of training and conducting opinion polls.


The TRENDS delegation, which includes a number of sector heads, directors of departments and researchers, also visited the National Institute of Defense Studies at the Japanese Ministry of Defense. They met with Dr. Nono Kishi, Director of Defense Economics Research at the Institute, Masami Nishino, Senior Fellow at the Department of Regional Studies, and Tomoaki Yoshida, Senior Researcher at the Department of Security Studies. The Two sides discussed the role of research centers in envisioning events, developing plans and analyzing issues. Moreover, they discussed areas of joint research cooperation.

The TRENDS delegation also visited the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and reviewed matters of joint cooperation with Dr. Yoshida Yuichi, senior researcher at the institute.


During the three visits, the TRENDS delegation stressed the importance of scientific research and think tanks in anticipating events and their repercussions. They reviewed the significance of delivering knowledge content that contributes to the renaissance of countries and developing sound solutions to face emerging challenges with the appropriate visions.

The TRENDS delegation, headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali, presented a brief overview of the nature of work at TRENDS and its global vision. They explained the Center’s endeavor to empower young researchers. They indicated the TRENDS’ research programs, training and opinion polls, activities and events. The delegation explained that TRENDS Center is working to spread knowledge, consolidate the values of tolerance and coexistence, and reject violence and hatred.


The delegation also heard from officials of the three Japanese research institutions about the nature of their work. They also talked about the importance of research centers in anticipating and envisioning events.

The Japanese attendants expressed their appreciation for the research efforts at TRENDS Center. They praised the quality, comprehensive nature and diversity of its publications. They also praised the TRENDS Center's interest in young people, and enabling them to participate in the research. They lauded this approach, which represents the basis of knowledge, education and the pillar for building advanced nations.


The Japanese officials of these research centers praised the active and distinguished participation of TRENDS Center in global knowledge forums. They appreciated its activities and events that cover a wide range of knowledge and research. They expressed their pleasure in cooperating with TRENDS Center and agreed to continue communication, cooperation and building of effective partnerships in the future.


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