TRENDS and Waseda University Discuss Opportunities for Research Cooperation



TRENDS Research and Advisory Center and Waseda University reviewed opportunities for research cooperation between the two sides. On the second leg of its tour in Southeast Asia, TRENDS Center continues to enhance its global outreach to achieve common strategic goals and promote the dissemination of knowledge and promote dialogue between cultures.





The meeting took place during a visit by the TRENDS Center delegation, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of the Center, to this reputable Japanese university in Tokyo. The TRENDS side included a group of heads of sectors, department directors and researchers. The encounter is part of TRENDS’ current tour of Asia, which includes, in addition to Japan, South Korea and Singapore.


Professor Masahiko Gemma, Vice President for International Affairs at Waseda University, Professor Matthew Gray, Middle East Specialist at the Faculty of International Research and Education, Dr. Abdullah Baabood, Visiting Professor at Waseda University, and Zhen Yang, Director of the Asia Partnership Network Development Project at Waseda University. The Waseda officials welcomed the TRENDS delegation and gave a comprehensive overview of the university, its areas of study and the role of scientific research. They referred to the diverse disciplines and research programs run by the university, including the specialized sections for the Middle East and Islamic civilization. They stressed Waseda University's keenness to cooperate with TRENDS Center, considering its global reputation, the quality of its documented studies and comprehensive research output.





In turn, the TRENDS delegation delivered a brief overview of Center, its departments and field of interest. They focused on TRENDS major areas of scientific research, specialized studies, training and development programs, in addition to opinion polls. The TRENDS side stressed the global research vision that seeks to anticipate events, understand and developing effective solutions for them. They explained that TRENDS Center enhances the role of youth in scientific research as future leaders.


During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways of joint cooperation in the research field to intensify knowledge output and exchanges between the two institutions. Moreover, the two sides shared interest in several global research issues such as climate change, Asian studies, the use of artificial intelligence techniques, translation and exchange of expertise. Opportunities for cooperation between TRENDS and Waseda University were also discussed. The two sides stressed their keenness to enhance cooperation to serve knowledge and scientific research, promote intercultural communication and contribute to the development of analytical studies that envision the future.





Waseda University is an independent research university in central Tokyo, founded in 1882. Many prominent political figures have graduated from this university. They include seven prime ministers and other leaders in government, business, journalism, science, literature and arts.


Waseda University has Japan's most prestigious campus, with more than 7,000 international students from 120 countries and signed partnerships with more than 800 prominent institutions in 80 countries.


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