TRENDS enriched Seoul Book Fair with a qualitative cultural program.. concludes effective and distinguished participation in «Seoul Book Fair»



TRENDS Research and Advisory concluded its active and successful participation in the 65th edition of the Seoul International Book Fair 2023, which was held from June 14 to 18 at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul.  TRENDS Center enriched the Book Fair activities with a wide range of symposia, discussion panels, cooperation agreements, in addition to offering a collection of interesting books and research studies.





TRENDS Stand was visited by a large audience, including senior ambassadors, officials, diplomats, university professors and students. Moreover a large number of Korean media professionals and the Korean public visited the Center’s Stand where everyone was briefed on the contents of books and research publications. Many visitors attended the Symposia and discussion panels organized by the TRENDS Stand over five days. The audience praised the visionary role of TRENDS as a knowledge center. They appreciated the Center research work and described it as the most prominent think tank in the region and a knowledge platform that enhances cultural awareness.





Visits & Partnerships

In line with TRENDS' Center endeavor to strengthen its research partnerships, a delegation headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, the CEO of TRENDS, visited a number of Stands, including those of France, Canada and the Stand of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission of the Saudi Ministry of Culture.  The delegation visited the Sharjah Stand, designated as the guest of honor of the Seoul Book Fair 2023. They also visited the iconic Starfield Library, the National Library of Korea. During all these visits, TRENDS officials discussed joint cooperation and possible ways to enhance research, knowledge exchange and mutual partnerships.





The TRENDS delegation to the Seoul Book Fair, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, visited the Institute of Middle East Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The delegation discussed prospects for research and academic cooperation and the exchange of experts and experiences in areas of common interest.  Moreover, a number of current international issues, relevant challenges, consequences and impact on global policies, the issue of climate change were also discussed in light of the upcoming COP28 summit.





A rich knowledge program

Over the course of five days, the TRENDS Stand organized a busy program that attracted the audience and offered a diverse package of research subjects. They were well received and praised by the public. TRENDS Center displayed dozens of titles from its various research publications.

Among the most prominent of these events is a major symposium entitled "The Road to COP28: The Importance of Collective International Action to Confront Climate Change." The event was attended by a group of researchers, experts and four editors-in-chief of local UAE newspapers. They included Hamad Al Kaabi, Editor-in-Chief of Al Ittihad newspaper, Raed Barqawi, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Al Khaleej newspaper, Saud Al Darbi, Head of the News and Publishing Center at Dubai Media Incorporated, Editor-in-Chief of Al Bayan Newspaper, and Mona Bousmara, Editor-in-Chief of Emarat Al Youm newspaper. The discussion focused on the importance of international cooperation and global collective action to confront Climate change. They stressed that this phenomenon is indeed global in nature and needs concerted global efforts to address it. The Symposium pointed out that holding the upcoming climate summit in the UAE reinforces optimism that it will be an exceptional event in the process of international climate action, given the country's international confidence and standing at all levels.





The COP28 Symposium explained TRENDS' plans and efforts in supporting climate action in general and the COP28 Summit in particular. The aim here is to promote green knowledge and support the role of youth in this field.

The TRENDS Stand at the Seoul Book Fair also organized a second symposium in cooperation with the Jeju Peace Institute, with the participation of a group of experts and researchers, entitled: "Peoples' Relations as a Basis for Global Peace Making: Building a Culture of Dialogue and Tolerance." The participants stressed that people represent the bottom-rock f global peacemaking. The audience agreed that mutual dialogue is an inspiring source for building a secure and peaceful global society in which cultural diplomacy is a powerful catalyst for peace. The symposium audience were briefed on the Jeju Peace Institute Index, which adopts a huge database to measure the level of cooperation and conflict.





As part of its active participation in the Seoul Book Fair, TRENDS Research and Advisory hosted a discussion panel which featured the South Korean researcher and author Lee Ki Aung. Mr. Lee had the honour of receiving the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2012, in the field of "Best Technology in the Cultural Field". The award was given to the Korean "Paju Book City". This iconic book city was established in 1989 as part of a comprehensive vision to lay the foundation for knowledge and information technology blend, which plays a key role in national development.

As part of TRENDS' participation in the Seoul Book Fair, the Center signed a research cooperation agreement with the Arab-Korean Association that fosters means of communication, coordination and cooperation between the two sides to achieve their common goals in research fields.





Global TRENDS 

In a closing statement on the occasion, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, said that the Center is keen to participate in various regional and international book fairs with the aim of disseminating knowledge. The Center promotes the values of peace, tolerance, coexistence and human fraternity, through objective scientific content that opens horizons for the new generations to anticipate the future and make it. TRENDS Center enables young researchers to analyze challenges, avail opportunities and overcome obstacles with science and knowledge.





Dr. Al-Ali stressed that the Seoul International Book Fair was the first station in an Asian tour by TRENDS Center that includes Japan and Singapore. It aims to promote scientific research and build new partnerships that confirm the global outreach of TRENDS and seek to take its contributions and research output to new horizons in the world.

He stated that TRENDS is working to enrich the global research movement with a credible and objective scientific products.

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