TRENDS CENTER HOLDS DISCUSSION PANEL At its STAND at SEOUL INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR ..THEME: «The Potential for Using Technology in the Cultural Field»



TRENDS Research and Advisory hosted South Korean researcher and author Lee Kiyoung, who received the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2012 in the field of "Best Technology in the Cultural Field." The prestigious award was won by the "Paju Book City", a city established in 1989 as part of a comprehensive vision to lay the foundation for knowledge and information technology, both of which play a key role in national development.


Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, welcomed the Korean researcher, whom he considered a model for serious researchers seeking to change the reality of their societies for the better through knowledge, books and the dissemination of culture. Dr. Al-Ali talked about the importance of think tanks and scientific research in anticipating and analyzing events and providing visions that help set an agenda to confront them with a balanced insight.







Dr. Mohamed Al-Ali stressed the importance of modern technology in promoting scientific research. He indicated that TRENDS Center is keen to keep abreast with technological advancements. For that purpose, the Center launched a chatbot enhanced with artificial intelligence technology (ECO), allowing the Center the ability to communicate with the public more intelligently and efficiently. It provides advanced research ideas and exciting media experience. TRENDS Center also opened its virtual office in Cairo, equipped with a unit that uses technology and artificial intelligence. These moves are part of TRENDS’ comprehensive research vision and its endeavor to enhance its studies and research base. The novel technology enables the TRENDS Center to achieve its objectives as a global knowledge bridge.


Lee Kiyoung, the South Korean writer spoke at length about the experience of Baju Book City, which he described as the capital of publishing and culture in Korea. Mr. Lee indicated that the city has about 300 publishing houses and thousands of people who work in about 150 buildings to carry out printing, distribution and publishing. The city includes various bookstores, which sell books at low prices. He said that Baju Book City organizes annual book festivals that attract millions of visitors, especially the International Children's Book Festival and the annual International Book Festival.







Mr. Lee stressed the importance of using modern technology in the cultural field, noting that modern technologies play an important role in spreading knowledge and culture, facilitating the printing and distribution of books and various publications. He said this process promotes rapprochement and fosters links between diverse cultures. He spoke about the pioneering experience of the Bajo Book City in this regard. He stressed the important role of using modern software in printing books and enhancing the spread of their knowledge content. Moreover, it is a sustainable city that uses environmentally friendly materials.


The Korean researcher and author stressed that culture and books play an a vital role in promoting understanding and dialogue between human communities and supporting the values of peace, development and coexistence. In this respect, he praised the knowledge and research role played by TRENDS Research and Advisory in publishing these events. The Korean author explained that the TRENDS Center has become a global knowledge platform scientific research attraction.







It is noteworthy that the "Bajo Book City" received the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2012, and the statement of the Board of Trustees of the award said that the city was established "within a comprehensive vision to lay the foundation for knowledge and information technology, which play a major role in national development." The Bajo Book City also provides two huge libraries for visitors and a hall for displaying films related to literature and culture. This Korean innovative city organizes cultural festivals for children and dialogue forums with the most prominent writers. Moreover, it maintains the use of environmentally friendly materials and cultural engineering design for cities. It is definitely "the first of its kind in the world”.


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