TRENDS Center Publishes a Book entitled: “Future Trends”


TRENDS Research and Advisory has published a book entitled: “Future Trends: The World in the Next 50 Years”. The book is released as part of TRENDS’ drive towards serving the knowledge and cultural scene and foresee the future of the world.

The new edition discusses issues related to policies for the future. The book includes a series of scientific information and evidence-based research. This exclusive volume takes the reader through a journey of some of the most critical issues of geopolitical, economic, and social significance, duly explored by scientists, analysts and researchers.

The book presents a foresight research that envisions global trends in the coming decades. This publication brings together a series of papers presented during the Future Trends Forum organized by TRENDS Research & Advisory.

The Book is divided into four sections.

The first section tackled global technological developments, while the second dealt with military matters and the capabilities and strategies for sustainable security.

The third section focused on the future of the international order, while the fourth introduced issues of climate change and economic growth.

The book includes several sub-headings under four sections, namely the global technology developments, public policies on education and taxation for the economy of the future and energy consumption in information technology.

There is a paper on strategic dynamics of space: geopolitical dimensions and policy implications.

The knowledge economy and its drivers, Military capabilities and strategies for sustainable security were other two papers of this exclusive print.

The publication included a paper on artificial intelligence and military capabilities in the twenty-first century: The Israeli case study.

The book also includes topics related to the international security strategy for the next decades, rethinking sustainable security in South Asia, the future of the international order: China, US and the future world order.

There is a paper on a developing Middle East and a new mechanism for Arab-China cooperation.

The fourth section of the book is on climate change and economic growth.

It includes the international dimension of eco-oriented industrial policy, ecological risks, resilience and redirecting aid. Also, there is a paper on the shift in energy sources: impact on climate change and the economic growth of OPEC countries.

Two more papers discussed the viability of current policies and their impact on global sustainability and the world after Covid-19: from new economic trends to old inequalities.











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