TRENDS held ..A mutual cooperation dialogue with the Singaporean part



- Emphasis on the role of think tanks in the renaissance of nations



TRENDS Research and Advisory held a dialogue session which stressed the importance of research and think tanks in anticipating and analyzing events. These centers provide knowledge content that contributes to the educational progress of countries. Think Tanks explore various aspects of life, whether political, economic or social and develop alternative solutions to emerging challenges using insightful visions.


The discussion brought together H.E Kamal R. Vaswani, Singapore's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates., with a number of TRENDS’ young researchers. The panel reviewed the importance of scientific research and education in general.





Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, welcomed Ambassador Kamal Vaswani, and expressed his hopes for fruitful cooperation with research centers and think tanks in Singapore. He briefed the ambassador on the nature of TRENDS' research work, which invests in young people’s skills and seeks to empower them as future leaders. The CEO explained the research programs run by TRENDS Center, as well as the fields of training it provides for the community. He briefed the audience about the type of opinion polls, activities and events which TRENDS delivers. The objective is to transfer accurate knowledge and spread the values of tolerance, coexistence, rejection of violence and hatred.


His Excellency Ambassador Kamal R. Vaswani reviewed the Singaporean experience in the field of education, as one of the most pioneering experiences in the world.  He spoke about the importance of research centers as institutions supporting education and other academic and scientific tracks. Ambassador Kamal spoke briefly on the concept of knowledge economy and the role of research and Think Tanks in achieving it.





The Singaporean ambassador and TRENDS researchers engaged in a general discussion on the reality of scientific research and its importance as a basic tool of knowledge and science. The ambassador praised TRENDS’ valuable efforts in this respect. He expressed his appreciation for the quality, comprehensiveness and diversity of its research publications. The ambassador lauded TRENDS center's interest in young people and allowing them to participate in the field of research, which forms the basis of sound knowledge, education and provide constructive visions for building modern nations.





H.E the Singaporean ambassador noted the distinguished presence of TRENDS in the global knowledge forums. He acknowledged the Center’s activities and events that cover a wide range of knowledge and provide global research visions that help academics and those interested in their output.


The meeting discussed ways of cooperation between TRENDS and research centers in Singapore. The audience agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation and build effective partnerships in the future. H.E the Ambassador welcomed this idea. At the end of the visit, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali presented His Excellency the Ambassador with a collection of TRENDS’ publications.


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