«TRENDS» Kicks Off its events at Abu Dhabi Book Fair



With a busy schedule featuring:  

  • Workshop discussing the society's need for producing modern knowledge in the Arabic Language.
  • Tripartite cooperation between Saif bin Zayed Academy for Police Sciences, Rabdan Academy and TRENDS Research and Advisory
  • Research Partnership between TRENDS and ICESCO


TRENDS Research and Advisory inaugurated its activities on the first day of its participation in the 32nd edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2023 with a busy program. The first day events included the signing   of research partnerships with international organizations and research centers. TRENDS organized a workshop entitled: "The Society’s Need for Modern Knowledge and the Ability to Produce it in Arabic.”

TRENDS Center participates in the exhibition with a distinguished Stand that displays dozens of diverse research publications that envision the future, analyze current issues, and monitor and explores the ideas of political Islam movements.

The cultural workshop was introduced by Ms. Noura AlHabsi, Director of Publications Department at TRENDS, and Dr. Saber Habacha, Head of the Editing Department at TRENDS. The two speakers addressed four themes, namely modern knowledge: problems and definitions, society's need for modern knowledge, and the challenges of producing modern knowledge in the Arabic language. They briefed the audience about the contribution of TRENDS Research and Advisory in spreading knowledge in the Arabic language.





The first part focused on the meaning of modern knowledge, the knowledge society, the age of knowledge and knowledge management. The speakers explained the characteristics and elements of knowledge, including the information revolution, and the major developments in the field of communication and social interaction between human societies. They discussed and the process of globalization and its aftermath, the fourth industrial revolution and its manifestations in artificial intelligence.

In the second part, the two speakers explained that societies need for modern knowledge stems from its need to establish a stable society, and to join civilization and human progress. Society strives to achieve progress, sustainable economic prosperity and promote the values of cooperation and common peace among peoples and nations.

The third part of the workshop dealt with the challenges of producing modern knowledge in the Arabic language, the most prominent of which is that the current knowledge tools and technologies remain confined to the consumption phase, without entering the stage of production and development. The weakness of the outputs of the educational process, the absence of common Arab strategies and coordination, and the weakness of the capabilities are other factors that shape the difficulty.

The fourth part dealt with   the contribution of TRENDS Research and Advisory to the process of spreading knowledge in the Arabic language. The speakers indicated that the Center is working on this through the publication of research and specialized studies in various fields. These include the disciplines of political science, economics, military, technological studies, computer science, geopolitics and health education. TRENDS is publishing regular series, including books written in Arabic in various fields of specialization. The Center released translations of modern books originally issued in English. It follows the flow of knowledge production around the world through its regular bulletin “Trends Knowledge". Also, the Center issues articles, publishes research and reports in its various and through newspapers and Arab and international websites.




Research Partnerships

TRENDS Research and Advisory is keen to strengthen its research partnerships. For this purpose, a meeting was held between staff from Saif bin Zayed Academy for Police Sciences, Rabdan Academy and TRENDS Center.  The parties discussed the prospects for research cooperation in the fields of training, surveys and other knowledge matters.  The meeting was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Musabah Antar Al-Darei, Head of the Department of Research and the Library, Captain Yousef Abdullah AlFarsi, Director of the Scientific Research Branch at Saif Bin Zayed Academy, Dr. Khamis AlAbdouli, Assistant Professor in the Business Continuity and Crisis Management Program at Rabdan Academy, and Mr. Mohammed AlSalimi, Head of Research and Advisory Sector at TRENDS. A number of officials from the three parties attended the meeting which discussed the need to establish partnerships and cooperation between them in the field of research and training.





Research Cooperation between TRENDS and ICESCO

On the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Center for Strategic Foresight at the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) signed a memorandum of understanding on mutual cooperation. The agreement shall facilitate communication, coordination and cooperation between the two sides to achieve their common goals in research fields.

The MOU, signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Dr. Kais Hammami, Director of Strategic Foresight Center at ICESCO. It aims to enhance research and cooperation between the two parties in areas of common interest. The MOU shall enable the two sides to achieve their stated goals of supporting and conducting original and serious research based on evidence and facts. The agreement shall allow both sides to serve the community, expand knowledge base and benefit from their expertise in research fields.

The MOU shall develop cooperation between the two sides and coordination in scientific research, joint activities and seminars, as well asthe exchange of experts and researchers. Dr. Al-Ali and Dr. Al-Hammami expressed their pleasure at signing the memorandum. They said it contributes to the dissemination of documented knowledge and the promotion of balanced scientific research that help provide balanced visions of prospective events and their future outcome.





TRENDS Stand attracts Visitors

Since the first moments of the opening of the exhibition, in which   TRENDS participates with a distinguished stand in terms of size,  location and contents, many officials, researchers, academics, students and the public flocked to the Center's Stand. They appreciated its knowledge efforts, praised its outstanding production and the diversity and encompassing nature of its topics. The Stand supervisors briefed the visitors on the Trends’ work, its publications, and the issues it addresses as an independent research center, concerned with comprehensive knowledge and culture. Artificial intelligence technology was also present through Trends smart robot "Echo", which answered questions from the audience and visitors in a unique experience, the first for an independent research center in the region.





Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali: Abu Dhabi Book Fair is developing continuously

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, praised the efforts of those in charge of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. He said that the wonderful organization he witnessed year after year indicates the keenness of the organizers of the Fair to spread knowledge and facilitate access to diverse publications to a wide segment of the global research community and the public. He said that the exhibition, with its global cultural value, has become a global platform and a destination for intellectuals, publishers and authors. It a platform for promoting the culture of book acquisition, and increases awareness and passion for reading.






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