Seminar at TRENDS.. Chairman of Al-Quds Center discussed the importance of scientific research in promoting peace and stability



TRENDS Research and Advisory held an insightful seminar which discussed the role of scientific research and think tanks in peacemaking and opening the prospects for prosperity and stability in the region.


Dr. Yechiel Leiter, the Director-General of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) in Israel shared his thoughts with a group of TRENDS’ Researchers.







 Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, participated in the panel. He welcomed Dr. Yechiel Leiter, and discussed with him aspects of future cooperation between the two Center.  The two sides exchanged views on a number of common issues, including the prospects for the Abraham Accords in light of the current regional and international changes.


Dr. Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS has made the promotion of the values of peace, human fraternity, tolerance and promotion of opportunities for cooperation and stability at the forefront of its objectives.







The Director-General of JCPA said that think tanks constitute specialized research hubs that analyze and anticipate issues of all kinds. Their analyses contribute to the development of insightful and documented visions that enhance the prospects for peace and build strong bridges of mutual understanding.


He explained that the "Abraham Accords" for peace opened wide horizons and opportunities for research cooperation that would deliver trusted knowledge.  The accords shall pave the way for diverse voices to be heard and reflect the image of a new Middle East with a global vision of objective knowledge. The JCPA Director indicated that scientific research is a reliable tool to produce soud content that keeps abreast with the aspirations and interests of the people. “It contributes to mutual understanding” The JCPA Director said.







Dr. Yechiel praised TRENDS' research reputable output and the universality of the Center’s vision. He lauded TRENDS’ effort in keeping the audience informed about the Abraham Accords and demonstrating their role in achieving wider stability. He said that the historic accords shall open a window of hope for peace in the region.  Dr. Yechiel said that TRENDS constitutes a distinguished model for research institutions. He stressed the importance of opening areas for research cooperation that contribute to the exchange of knowledge and promote the values of greater peace and stability.


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