TRENDS Center launches new training programs in 2023


TRENDS Research and Advisory launched a package of new and specialized training programs targeting university students and employees. The new programs were launched as part of TRENDS training vision for the year 2023.  The Center celebrated the graduation of a new batch of trainees that includes university students.

These courses were tailored to the areas of research, strategic report writing, analysis and foresight. Moreover, there was a training program for TRENDS employees entitled "Derayah" or Knowledge. The program falls in line with TRENDS vision of spreading knowledge at the global level and preparing qualified human cadres to deal with various developments, changes and challenges.

A number of trainees from universities, institutions and other entities received these courses, offered by a group of TRENDS’ experts and researchers. The program was conducted under the supervision of the Training Department.

Derayah targets TRENDS employees who possess distinctive skills in various fields to share with the rest of their colleagues in the interest of working at the center.

TRENDS celebrated the graduation of Mohammed Aman Siddiqui, a student specializing in international relations at the American University of Sharjah, who completed a training course at TRENDS. His course was related to the requirements of his university, focused on scientific research, reporting and analysis, while students from other universities continue their training.

Mr. Saqr Al-Sharif, Director of the Training and Development Department at TRENDS Center, said that some of these courses last for two months. They were designed in line with the Center’s vision of the importance of training and the use of research in empowering university students and work teams in institutions through training programs. The training package includes specialized courses and workshops. TRENDS provide the highest international training and development standards with the aim of developing the skills and enabling trainees to possess work tools. Trainees learn theoretical or applied scientific research tools.

Al-Sharif stressed that TRENDS Center empowers and qualifies young people with robust training programs that help them in their prospective careers.

The "Derayah" program aims to refine and enhance the skills of employees with additional expertise (knowledge, administrative, technical). It raises awareness and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, scientific and share administrative experiences.   The Director of Training Department said that the duration of the program shall be three months, starting this June and ending in December 2023.

It is noteworthy that TRENDS' training and development programs include five main areas; the first is the research field, which includes the political analysis program, reports writing and situation assessment. Other subjects include the necessary tools to conduct research and field studies. The program enables the trainees to foresee the future and build analytic scenarios through research and conduct of field studies.

The second area includes media training, which was recently introduced. It includes television presentation programs, television interviews, training of moderators and presenters and media and digital monitoring. The training includes the art of public speaking, language skills. The third area covers administrative training, which includes courses in etiquette and diplomatic protocol, building a comprehensive diplomatic personality, global developments and their impact on human resource management and development. There is a training session on leading work groups, developing creative teams, strategic goals and policies.

The fourth module deals with specialized training. It includes specialized courses and programs designed for a specific segment. This one train the candidates on new skills and knowledge, in line with their own objectives and skills. They consist of training on comprehensive political analyses preparation, specialized political negotiation skills, opinion polls, questionnaire design and analysis, crisis management, decision-making skills support and strategic planning skills. The fifth part is on-demand training. This module fulfils the objectives of the concerned entity. The program can be delivered on physical attendance basis or through virtual video communication. The continuous training and development sector at TRENDS contributes to the process of developing individuals, work teams and institutions.


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