To meet the aspirations of the research community TRENDS new interactive website reflects its development and asserts its global orientation and vision


TRENDS Research and Advisory announced the launch of the updated version of its website, with a new look and innovative features that reflect modern designs. The new portal falls in line with the expansion of TRENDS' research activity. The website enhances the Center’s global vision and outlook. The web design harnesses modern technology to deliver knowledge content and research services to the public and partners alike.  

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that website launch comes within the framework of the Center's continuous endeavor to achieve excellence in various aspects of research and organizational work. This is in line with TRENDS global vision and strategy, which aspire to the future and contributes effectively to making it.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali stressed that by launching the upgraded website, TRENDS Center inaugurates a new phase of its pioneering research path. He indicated that it is a stage in which the Center shall mix modern technologies and artificial intelligence tools with research expertise. It reflects the unlimited ambition of Emirati youth to achieve TRENDS Center goals and global vision, and consolidate its position among the most prestigious research centers.

The CEO of TRENDS expressed his pride and appreciation to the promising Emirati youth effort in the Center. They oversaw the site upgrade and led their teams to transform creative ideas into deliverables that we reap their fruits today.

Awad Al-Breiki, Head of TRENDS Global Sector, said that the new website was designed according to advanced technological standards. It allows visitors to easily browse subjects, in both Arabic and English. The web design works easily on all smart phones and tablets using multiple browsers. Al-Breiki stressed that the new site aims to meet the aspirations of the research community and regular followers. The site allows its visitors to access information, execute interactive operations and share knowledge through smooth and fast steps.

Awad Al-Breiki explained that TRENDS new departments, sections and services have been developed in line with the modernization strategy adopted by the Center. This improves the work methods and falls in line with the center's research vision. The new upgrade harnesses the best means of technology and digital transformation to deliver TRENDS scientific output according to the highest international standards and best practices.

Awadh Al-Breiki stressed the keenness of TRENDS Research and Advisory to provide the best electronic and technical services to researchers and those who follow its advancement. He said that the Center wants to transfer its balanced research output to a global audience. It is keen to deliver its research products and make its voice heard in a smooth manner. The Head of TRENDS Global Sector further indicated that the site provides reliable information, in addition to being the first source for accessing publications and research studies. It allows easy access to TRENDS Research and Advisory, as an independent research Center with global visions and orientation. It enables users to explore content, the TRENDS’ sectors and departments, programs, activities, news and events.

Awadh Al-Breiki, the Head of TRENDS Global Sector stressed that the launch of the new website came to enhance the center's corporate identity. It confirms the Center's global outreach and vision. He indicated that the site along with other facilities reflect the distinguished global orientation of TRENDS and deliver the Center's creative research mission to the whole world.



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