(Trends App) TRENDS Center harnesses mobile application technology to deliver its research and knowledge output to the public


TRENDS Research and Advisory announced the launch of the new version of its smart application (TRENDS app), to usher a new channel that facilitates access and interactive communication between the Center and its wider audience of researchers, academics, students. The new development enables those interested in an easy tool that reflects the global spirit of TRENDS and delivers its balanced research vision.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the smart application (TRENDS App), in its new advanced feature, came as part of the development and upgrading process undertaken by the Center to enter a new phase of innovative work, which keeps abreast with the latest global technology.

Dr. Al-Ali added that the application, as well as other development initiatives, represent the beginning of a new phase in TRENDS' research journey. We are striving to achieve the ambitious TRENDS' global vision, which depends on the creative skills of Emirati youth who harness the latest modern technology.

Dr. Al-Ali indicated that the new application is designed to allow easy access to TRENDS research products and events through mobile devices or other browsing mediums. Visitors can browse TRENDS Center which is an independent research entity. They can read through its research studies, issued on a daily basis, follow its activities, events and listen to news. TRENDS followers and visitors can contact its sectors, departments, and get informed about its mission and vision.

Dr. Al-Ali said that the global status of TRENDS within research centers necessitates us to constantly search for innovative and competitive ways to achieve the aspirations and the strategy of TRENDS research and widen the comprehensive knowledge base of its followers and interested people in general.

AbdulRahman AlJneibi, Director of Marketing Department at TRENDS, said that the enhanced application was designed according to advanced technological standards. It allows visitors to easily browse, both in Arabic and English. The web design works easily and is compatible with all smart phones and tablets using multiple browsers. He said that the application keeps pace with the continuous development and renewal measures at TRENDS global outreach.

AlJneibi explained that the improved TRENDS application includes a new content experience, TRENDS Reels, inspired by the TikTok application. This development allows users to view attractive video clips in Arabic and English, each lasting 30 seconds or less. AlJneibi indicated that the application also includes an innovative interface in the form of cards that allows users to explore the information provided by the "TRENDS" service for knowledge, in addition to live broadcasts of events. It shows the profiles of TRENDS’ experts.

AlJneibi stated that the enhanced TRENDS application provides a rich user-friendly experience that enables users to explore content, access valuable knowledge, follow events, interact with publications, meet experts, read research articles and customize the application interface.

AlJneibi also gave a detailed explanation of the application and said that its data will be updated regularly in order to keep the TRENDS audience in constant contact with the Center and its comprehensive research output.


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