Trends and Russian PIR Research Center Held Panel discussion

Trends Research and the Russian PIR Research Center held a panel discussion on the topic of "Nuclear non-proliferation: current problems and future prospects." The panel discussion was held in implementation of the partnership between Trends Research and Advisory and the Russian PIR Research Center.

The discussion was attended by experts and academics from the two centers. They included Dr. Valdimir Orlov, co-founder of PIR Center in Russia, Ms. Elena Karnaukhova, Deputy Director of the Education and Training Program at the PIR Center, and Gina Boserhal, researcher at TRENDS. The panel was moderated by Sultan AlAli, researcher and director of the Global Barometer Department at Trends Research and Advisory. 

The session addressed a number of important issues related to nuclear non-proliferation, including challenges facing international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, such as increasing geopolitical tensions, the proliferation of nuclear technology, nuclear terrorism, and the prospects for nuclear non-proliferation, including the role of nuclear diplomacy, strengthening international cooperation, and developing nuclear security systems.

The Speakers stressed the importance of strengthening international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons as a fundamental global security issue.