Opinion Poll on Visitors’ Evaluation of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair

    TRENDS Center for Research and Consultation is conducting a visitor satisfaction survey for the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. The survey aims to measure the extent of visitors’ satisfaction with the level of organization in terms of the timing of the book fair, services provided, accompanying events, as well as facilities offered to visitors and prices of books. It also aims to identify the purpose of the visitors’ visits, which in turn would provide a comprehensive database for studying the facts about the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and identifying ways to develop it in line with the actual needs of the community and regional and international developments.

    Personal information:

    1. Gender


    2. Age

    3. Academic qualifications

    4. Nationality

    5.Country of residence

    6. Scope of work


    1. Are you keen to visit book fairs and learn about new publications?

    2. What is the purpose of your visit to Abu Dhabi Book Fair?

    3. Timing of book fair

    3.1. Organizing the book fair at this time of year:
    3.2. Seven days for holding the fair and accompanying events:
    3.3. Daily opening time:
    3.4. Timing of cultural events:

    4. Satisfaction with services provided at the book fair

    4.1. The book fair satisfies all my reading needs:
    4.2. I find in the book fair most of the new publications I look for:
    4.3. I notice an improvement in the way books are displayed compared with previous years:
    4.4. Space allocated for the book fair is sufficient:
    4.5. Book fair location is suitable:
    4.6. Space allocated for publishers and exhibitors is sufficient:
    4.7. Sufficient representation of official institutions:
    4.8. Distribution of publishers and exhibitors:
    4.9. Assistance readily available when required:
    4.10. Assistants qualified for assigned work:
    4.11. Ease of movement inside the book fair:

    5. Accompanying events

    5.1. Themes of cultural lectures:
    5.2. Writers and authors invited to deliver lectures or introduce their works:
    5.3. Academic seminars:
    5.4. Announcement of cultural and scholarly events:

    6. Facilities provided

    6.1. Sufficient and suitable parking areas:
    6.2. Sufficient and suitable restaurants:
    6.3. Sufficient sanitary facilities:
    6.4. Sufficient and suitable entrances and exits:
    6.5. Availability of signposts and instructions:
    6.6. Availability of safety and first-aid tools:
    6.7. Availability of prayer places:
    6.8. Lighting and air conditioning:
    6.9. Free and speedy WiFi:

    7. Prices

    7.1. Prices of printed Arabic books:
    7.2. Prices of printed foreign books:
    7.3. Prices of digital media:
    7.4. Quality and production of publications compared to prices:

    8. Suggestions for future development of the book fair