The views of the Emirati community about trading on digital platforms

    TRENDS Research and Advisory is conducting an opinion poll on "The Views of the Emirati Community about Trading on Digital platforms" in order to understand the opinions and knowledge of the Emirati community members about trading on digital platforms, how much they use them and to what extent they trust them. Your participation is highly appreciated. We assure you that all your responses will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used for research purposes only.

    Personal information:

    1. Gender


    2. Nationality

    UAE nationalNon-UAE national

    3. Age Group

    4. Education

    5. Emirate


    1. Have you heard or read about digital trading platforms?

    2. Do you use, or did you ever use, a digital trading platform?

    3. From where did you know about digital trading platforms?

    4. Which of the following platforms do you use or plan to use? (you can choose more than one answer)

    eToroPlus500BitoasisBinanceCEX IOcapital.comOthers

    5. What do you trade most on digital trading platforms?

    6. What is the size of your investment portfolio on digital trading platforms?

    7. How often do you use digital trading platforms that are licensed in the UAE?

    8. How do you evaluate trading through digital platforms that are licensed in the UAE in terms of safety and ease of trading?

    9. What is the level of your trust in trading on digital platforms that are licensed in the UAE?

    10. What are the criteria that you rely on in choosing a digital trading platform? (you can choose more than one answer)

    SafetyFeesWithdrawal and deposit processesMarkets and products the platform coversNumber of clients on the platformOthers

    11. To what degree do you recommend the use of digital trading platforms?