Elyazia Al-Hosani

Acting Deputy chief of Media Sector - Head of TRENDS Council for Young Researchers

Elyazia Jasim AlHosani is a fresh graduate from Zayed University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social Studies, specialized in International Affairs. She interned at the Ministry of Defense where she gathered invaluable experience and understanding of international and national security.

Elyazia’s areas of interest include social studies and social media. She is associated with the Department of Strategic Communications and is also pursuing a research diploma at TRENDS Research & Advisory.

Sultan Majed

Deputy Head of Scientific Research Sector

Sultan Majed Al-Ali is a Deputy Head of Scientific Research Sector in TRENDS Research & Advisory. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, with a major in International Affairs.

Sultan Al-Rubaei

Researcher - Deputy Head of Economic Studies Section

Arizona State University Alumnus, Sultan Al-Rubaei, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He has been a member of the UAE Student Council at Arizona State University, showcasing the UAE culture and traditions to American students.

Al-Rubaei organized events and activities that attracted people to learn more about the UAE. He was part of the Capstone, a research-focused project on the impact of illegal South American immigrants on the net income of the United States.

Aisha Al-Blooshi

Researcher - Conference Coordinator

Aisha Ahmed Al-Bloushi is the Conference Coordinator at TRENDS Research & Advisory. She graduated from the United Arab Emirates University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Minor in Psychology. Prior to joining TRENDS, Al-Bloushi interned at the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abu Dhabi. She has developed the ability to respond quickly to tasks assigned and specializes in filing archives and writing political articles. Al-Bloushi’s research interests include international relations, women empowerment, and climate change.

Alya AlJneibi

Head of Strategic Communication Department

Alya Aljneibi is a Researcher at TRENDS Research & Advisory and the Head of Strategic Communication Department. She obtained her Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Abu Dhabi University, UAE, which focuses on strategic management, project management, quality management, research, innovation, leadership and other technical subjects. She completed her B.A. in Sustainability and Environmental Sciences from Zayed University, UAE. In her academic journey, she had led and participated in several global and local initiatives and have contributed to a number of community services as well as voluntary work.
In her professional career, Alya has gained extensive experience in research and partnerships. She succeeded in attracting a great network of global and local research institutes and universities and have met with numerous diplomats as well as policy makers, she also attended several specialized conferences and collaborative events.

Sharifa AlRaeesi

Head of Conference Department

Sharifa AlRaeesi completed her B.A. in Quality and Strategic Management with a minor in International Business from the Higher College of Technology. She has interned at Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism. With diverse experience in event management, Sharifa coordinates TRENDS Research & Advisory’s conferences and other activities. She is also enrolled in a research diploma training program at the Center.

Rahaf Al Khazraji

Researcher - Deputy Director of publications Department

Rahaf Al Khazraji graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Zayed University.

Rahaf has gained knowledge in the field of foreign relations while interning at the government sector. She has also expanded her inter-personal skills through interning in the Corporate Social Responsibility Department at a multinational company.

Rahaf Al-Khazraji joined Trends Research and Advisory as a research assistant in 2020.

Salama Al Ali

Marketing and Exhibitions Specialist

Salama is a student at the Sorbonne University majoring in Artificial Intelligence. She joined TRENDS Research & Advisory as a trainee within the Exhibitions and Training Department.

Shamma Al Kaabi

Head of TRENDS Smart Lab Section

Shamma graduated from Zayed University (ZU) with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design. Before joining TRENDS, she did an internship at the same university in multimedia design which helped her further developed her expertise.

In 2021, Shamma AlKaabi joined TRENDS Research & Advisory in the capacity of Multimedia Specialist.

Shawq Al Marzouqi

Shawq graduated from Zayed University (ZU) with a BA in Tourism and Culture – College of Communication Sciences. Before joining TRENDS, she completed an internship within the Identity and Citizenship Authority that helped her develop her expertise in administrative affairs and government communication.

In 2021, she joined TRENDS Research & Advisory in the capacity of Training Coordinator.

Rawda Al Marzouqi

Acting Director of Marketing and Exhibitions Department

Rawda graduated from Zayed University (ZU) with a BA in Strategic Communications. Before joining TRENDS, she completed an internship within the Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation where she did develop her marketing and design expertise.

In 2021, Rawda joined TRENDS Research & Advisory in the capacity of Head of Marketing and Exhibitions/TRENDS Official Arabic Spokesperson.

Fatima Al Ahbabi

Head of the Arabic Language Proofreading Unit

Fatima worked as an Arabic language proofreader and a language & writing skills trainer at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research – 2021.

Also, she is an author interested in literary and cultural criticism, and she is a master’s student in linguistics – Mohamed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences.

Amongst her publications: An Existential Discontent & Monades Poetics – Out of context – Epigrammatic Prose – A collection of short stories for children (Adventures in the Values of Friendship) – Research: Right and Left Connotations – An Attempt to Probe the Meaning Origin and Meaning Bearings – Co-authoring (Research): The Foreigner Image in the Emirati Feminist Novel.

Fatima graduated from the UAE University with a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic language, and works now for TRENDS R&A in the capacity of Arabic Language Proofreading Unit Head. Also, she works Uloom Al Dar for the Abu Media Company where she presents Uloom Al Dar news bulletin.

Mouza Almarzooqi

Researcher - Economic Studies Department

Mouza is a graduate of Zayed University where she got her Bachelor of International Relations specializing in Political Economy and Development. She further developed her expertise as a trainee while working in the government sector.

In 2021, Mouza Almarzooqi joined TRENDS Research & Advisory in the capacity of Assistant Researcher within the Research Sector.