12 September 2021

A delegation from Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi paid a visit to the headquarters of Trends Research and Advisory to learn about its different departments and training and research activities.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Research and Advisory, welcomed the channel’s delegation, which included Mr. Youssef Tsouri, News Director of Sky News Arabia, and Mr. Jamal Al-Harbi, Director of News Relations at the channel, and accompanied them on an introductory tour of the departments and various units of Trends.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali discussed with the delegation of Sky News Arabia the nature of the research, advisory and training priorities focused on by Trends, and the services it provides to various bodies and entities, especially with regard to preparing research and specialized studies and conducting field opinion polls on various issues.

Al-Ali explained the keenness of Trends to cooperate with various institutions and to provide its research, advisory and training expertise that covers all issues of common interest to those bodies. He stressed Trends’ belief in the importance of employing scientific research outputs in the service and development of societies, and helping decision makers to face challenges and deal with them with a knowledge-based vision that foresees the future.

Al-Ali commended the role of the Sky News Arabia channel on the local, Arab and international fronts, and its comprehensive coverage and programs of developments and events that has established its credibility and advanced status among similar channels.

For his part, in a panel discussion with researchers and the Trends Center Youth Council, Mr. Youssef Tsouri, Director of News at Sky News Arabia, praised the Center and its high-level research role. He also commended the level and diversity of its staff in terms of young nationals and distinguished experts, and said that what the Center offers is worthy of praise and attention given its scientific knowledge-based content.

The news director of Sky News Arabia gave an overview of the channel's work, development and efforts to keep pace with events, both in terms of coverage and technology with a particular stress on the importance of the "digital" aspect. Mr. Tsouri added that digital formats would shape the future of media and provide the largest space for timely news dissemination, presenting programs and covering events wherever they occur.

He expressed the channel's desire to cooperate with Trends in several areas, through both the Center's experts and joint programs. In this regard, he praised the UAE's leadership and people, saying that excellence is a reality that we find in every corner and place in its good land.

During the discussion panel, the news director of Sky News Arabia listened to a brief overview by the head of the scientific research sector, heads of departments and sections, and Trends researchers on the Center's work, activities and events, noting that they include various current issues and aid understanding of events through insights from distinguished experts, specialists and academics. The discussants also emphasized the global orientation of Trends as a bridge of communication between the region and the world that also helps to deliver a moderate vision based on scientific research to combat destructive ideas.

The Head of the Barometer Department, Mr. Fahad Al-Mahri, gave an overview of the opinion polling work carried out by Trends and its role in helping decision-makers and officials. The heads of the Trends departments also referred to partnerships and understandings with various institutions, which amounted to nearly 80 agreements so far. In addition, researcher Noura Al-Habsi spoke about her experience and participation in a documentary prepared by Sky News Arabia about the Muslim Brotherhood and suspicious money.

Everyone commended the media service of Sky News Arabia and expressed their appreciation of the delegation's visit and invited Sky News Arabia to participate in covering important events so that there would be integration between research and media centers to deliver knowledge to the fullest extent.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ali presented the Sky News Arabia delegation with copies of the Center's latest scientific publications.