11 September 2021

A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Communication Department visited TRENDS Research and Advisory to discuss opportunities for joint cooperation. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS welcomed the delegation members and took them in an introductory tour of TRENDS’ research, training and consultation sectors and departments. He briefed them about the research and scientific activities and the various publications that have been produced by these departments.

In the presence of the heads of TRENDS’s various sectors and a number of young researchers, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali discussed with the visiting delegation the research, consultation and training priorities of TRENDS, as well as the services it provides including training courses, research, specialized studies, opinion polls, and field studies on various issues and developments.

Dr. Al-Ali said although TRENDS is globally oriented, it also prioritizes openness to various agencies and institutions with a view to strengthening cooperation with them across all areas of common interest. He underlined TRENDS’ commitment to providing its research, advisory and training expertise to these institutions as part of its mission, and emphasized awareness of the importance of harnessing research outputs for the development of societies and for helping decision-makers to tackle various issues and challenges.

The delegation members expressed great admiration for the high-quality publications of TRENDS, its staff, and its agility in keeping pace with regional and international developments and predicting their future trajectories. They also praised the presence of many able young researchers within TRENDS’ team, as well as the quality of the scientific and research publications and specialized series produced by TRENDS.

The delegation members thanked Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali and the TRENDS’ team for cooperation in a specialized course, entitled “Report Preparation and Policy Analysis”, which TRENDS has organized for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They commended the content of the course and stressed how it helped the trainees and employees perform their work in a more professional manner.

At the end of the visit, the CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory presented the delegation members with copies of its latest publications in both and Arabic languages, in addition to a TRENDS Shield. Dr. Al-Ali emphasized the need for continued cooperation and partnership building in order to produce advanced knowledge and foresee the future through robust scientific research mechanisms.