09 April 2021

A delegation from the US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates visited TRENDS Research and Advisory Center and discussed scientific and cultural cooperation. The delegation was received by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Mr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, Director General of TRENDS.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali welcomed the delegation and briefed them on the various research, training and advisory departments of TRENDS, which include the Strategic Studies Department, Economic Studies Department, Political Islam Studies Department, Training Department, Strategic Communication Department, Publications Department, Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence Studies Department, Global Barometer Department, TRENDS Lab for Future Foresight, TRENDS International Unit, TRENDS Global Smart Library, and TRENDS Smart Multimedia Lab.

Dr. Al-Ali talked about the kinds of research activities undertaken by these departments, their research and training programs, and their publications, which include books, papers and specialized series. He stressed that TRENDS seeks to open up to think tanks and academic, advisory and cultural institutions inside and outside the UAE, with a view to enhancing cultural and scientific cooperation as part of TRENDS’ efforts to expand its international presence. TRENDS has recently established research and scientific partnerships with many think tanks around the world and has cooperated with top international researchers and experts, who contribute to its publications and events.

U.S. Counselor for Public Affairs, Robin Solomon, spoke about the role of her department in developing relations with cultural, educational and media agencies in the UAE, which contributes to the consolidation of bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. She said that she was looking forward to cooperating with TRENDS Research and Advisory Center in strengthening its partnerships with think tanks and academic institutions in the United States in a way that facilitates research and scientific cooperation in the field of publishing, research and studies.

Solomon explained that TRENDS researchers could take advantage of the cultural exchange program sponsored by the US Embassy and join training courses and academic programs in the United States, adding that TRENDS could also host young American resident researchers.

Many diplomatic missions in the UAE have expressed their wish to enhance cultural and scientific cooperation with TRENDS Research and Advisory Center. Andrea Matteo Fontana, Head of the European Union Mission to the UAE, recently discussed with TRENDS ways to enhance cultural cooperation and develop TRENDS partnerships with European think tanks.

Mr. Yuta Mase, First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan in the UAE, also visited TRENDS. After being briefed about the various activities of TRENDS, Mr. Mase discussed a number of regional and international issues with the Center’s CEO and experts.

H.E. Zakaria Idriss Deby Itno, Ambassador of the Republic of Chad to the UAE, also paid TRENDS a visit and discussed with the Center ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of culture and training.

The research outputs of TRENDS and its role in spreading knowledge and culture was praised by all the visitors.