27 September 2021

Building on its continuous series of achievements and its relentless quest to expand the dissemination and distribution of its quality publications worldwide, TRENDS Research and Advisory’s publications has begun displaying and distributing its output via the Google Books service.

This new initiative comes within the framework of the effective strategy followed by TRENDS in promoting its knowledge culture and documented and accurate information among members of the society and in various parts of the world.

TRENDS’ encyclopedias, series and publications will be made available on the Google platform through the Google Books service. This content includes books, studies, research, opinion polls, political and economic papers, analytical papers, and situation assessments, in addition to a series of books translated by TRENDS into more than 15 foreign languages along with original books and research papers, lectures and the Trends on Political Islam series.

The Google electronic platform will offer a wide range of TRENDS publications, including: The Encyclopedia of the Muslim Brotherhood; The Presidential Elections in Iran; The Election of the UAE for the Membership of the UN Security Council; The UAE and the Covid-19 Pandemic: a Model in Managing the Crisis and Achieving Sustainable Recovery; The US-Chinese Conflict: A Reading in Light of International Relations Theories; A Gulf Reading of Biden’s Orientations Towards the Middle East; Covid-19 Vaccine Development: A Fierce Race to End the Pandemic & Learning from History;  and Managing Transnational Crises: Strategic Approaches to Turning Risks into Opportunities, among others.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that this new initiative marks an impressive addition to TRENDS’ record of successive achievements across a wide range of activities.

Al-Ali stressed that this step contributes to achieving a wider dissemination of TRENDS’ publications, as well as providing scientific research students and academics with an extensive range of encyclopedias, series and books rich in documented and accurate information.

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory indicated that the availability of TRENDS’ publications on the Google platform serves its scientific research objectives and enhances the presence of the Center’s output at a global level, as it provides many readers with rich and easily accessible scientific sources, adding that this step comes within the framework of the constructive joint cooperation between TRENDS and the global company Google.


TRENDS publications are now available on the Google electronic platform

Within the framework of the series of achievements by TRENDS Research and Advisory in expanding the base of dissemination and distribution of its quality publications, the Google electronic platform has started to distribute TRENDS publications via the Google Books service