25 October 2021

Selection of Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali as Member of the Academy’s Advisory Board

A delegation from TRENDS Research and Advisory, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, visited the headquarters of the Emirates Academy for Identity and Citizenship (EAIC) in Abu Dhabi, and met with Brigadier General Khamis Al-Kaabi, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector in the Authority, and Colonel Mohammed Saeed Al-Ameri, EAIC Director. The two sides discussed aspects of scholarly and knowledge cooperation and ways to enhance future partnership.

The EAIC Advisory Board selected Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali as a member of the Advisory Board of the EAIC. Al-Ali also attended the first meeting of the EAIC Advisory Board, which is responsible for the general supervision of the EAIC performance in accordance with the laws and education policies in force in the UAE, in addition to developing academic policies and suggesting the academic degrees awarded by the EAIC, including honorary degrees, and other specializations.

Subsequently, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali was briefed on the qualification and training programs offered by the EAIC, which seek to acquire or establish distinguished national competencies with the aim of creating a generation of young people capable of leadership in the future.

Al-Ali was also briefed on the EAIC academic plan which focuses on modern applied training methods in implementing the program, such as simulating the work environment, conducting interactive workshops, benchmarking, and brainstorming sessions aimed at providing the EAIC community with the best aspects of knowledge and practical applied skills.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, praised the efforts of the EAIC in relying on the best international practices, technological applications, electronic knowledge sources, training and education materials, specialized periodicals, and other learning sources, which encourage its members to continue learning according to the latest training and development methods at the global level, which enhances the values ​​of creativity, responsibility and teamwork.

Al-Ali stressed that his selection for membership of the EAIC Advisory Board is an honor and a great responsibility that necessitates making more scholarly efforts to support and develop the knowledge society, by encouraging continuous learning and sound scholarly research, and providing learning opportunities for university and college students.

The CEO of TRENDS indicated that the visit included discussing aspects of scholarly and knowledge cooperation with the EAIC in the important fields for the two sides, especially research and administrative and specialized training, aimed at upgrading the capabilities and skills of young people and providing them with the scholarly and practical experience that enables them to engage in the labor market globally.

Al-Ali stated that the meeting dealt with ways to benefit from TRENDS’ experience in providing specialized training courses in the administrative field, which are supervised (or taught or offered) by qualified experts in various fields, including: institutional excellence, customer happiness, planning and strategy, leadership and management, personal skills development and self-development, and creativity and innovation.