12 August 2021

TRENDS Research & Advisory named the Smart Communications Hall after its media advisor Dr. Ashraf Saad El-Eissawy, who has recently passed away. The new name of the hall is Dr. Ashraf El-Eissawy Hall for Smart Communications. Dr. El-Eissawy left our world after a long journey of serving science, knowledge and humanity. He was senior fellow at TRENDS’ political Islam Department, media advisor and member of the TRENDS Advisory Council.

Before joining TRENDS, El-Eissawy worked in several GCC and Arab studies and research centers as a researcher and expert on Gulf affairs. His research focused on security and strategic issues. His published books include: US Policy on the Gulf Regional System after the 9/11 Attacks, A Comparative Reading of the Impact of the First and Second Gulf Wars on the GCC States Security, and The Implications of the 9/11 Attacks on the Security of the GCC States.

Dr. Ashraf El-Eissawy also participated in several seminars and lectures, including most notably Al-Ittihad Ramadan Majlis symposium titled “Apps and Digital Platforms: The Threat of Extremist Misuse”, and a symposium titled “The Muslim Brotherhood's Global Journey: From Mastery of the World to Hunt for Safe Havens”.

Dr. El-Eissawy also published numerous studies, including: “The Danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe: Infiltrating Strategy, Funding Tools and Countermeasures” (in collaboration with a number of other researchers), “The Israeli Elections 2021: A Reading of the Results, Map of Alliances and Potential Directions”, “Repurposing Covid-19: Pandemic as an Opportunity for Extremist Groups” and “COVID-19: How it will Reformulate National Security Concepts and Policies”.

Other studies by Dr. El-Eissawy inlcude: “Social Media Platforms: an Intricate Role in the Arab World for a Strong Tool of Influence”, “Extremism and the Conflict of Religious Identity in the Era of Globalization in the Middle East”, “The Killing of Soleimani and the Dimensions of Shift in US Deterrence Strategy Towards Iran”, and “The Council of Arab and African States Bordering the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden: Opportunities and Challenges”.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, said that late Dr. Ashraf El-Eissawy was a role model for dedication, sincerity, hard work, kindness, self-initiative, positive interaction with everyone, constructive cooperation and teamwork.

Al-Ali stated that Dr. Ashraf El-Eissawy was a key pillar of TRENDS and led its media policy with efficiency, skill and aptitude. Therefore, TRENDS management decided to name the smart communications hall after him to keep his good memory and to show its appreciation of dedication and sincere work.