12 August 2021

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, stated that TRENDS is a global incubator for young researchers, giving them utmost attention as they are the pillars of nations, leaders of the future, and most capable of hard work, innovation and leading sustainable development.

On the occasion of the International Youth Day, which falls on 12 August each year, Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS strives to empower young people worldwide in the field of scientific research. Based on its belief that young people play a pivotal role in nation-building, social development and ensuring future leadership, TRENDS adopts a sustainable strategy and launches many unique innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing their capabilities and developing their research talents.

The CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory pointed out that the UAE and its wise leadership have paid special attention to young people, sparing no efforts to maximize their societal role and develop their skills and capabilities in various fields. This is a reflection of the UAE's vision of supporting young people and instilling hope in them. In this, the UAE has become an inspiring global model in supporting and embracing exceptional young minds.

Dr. Al-Ali explained that TRENDS is investing in the minds of young people, developing their capabilities, helping them acquire practical experience and empowering them in decision-making positions. In this respect, it launched TRENDS Council for Young Researchers, which aims at enhancing the capabilities of young researchers at the local, regional and global levels and providing them with the required skills through education, training and research.

He indicated that TRENDS Research & Advisory has recently launched the Young Researchers Program initiative, which encourages young researchers and university students to write papers to be published by it. In addition, it signed many memoranda of understanding and cooperation with several bodies, including the Arab Youth Center, to support young researchers and develop their skills.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali added that the TRENDS strategy for empowering young people in the field of scientific research is not limited to initiatives, training courses, discussion and dialogue, but goes beyond that to a broader and more comprehensive global scope; TRENDS has recently organized its first Summit for Dialogue between Think Tanks and the Media, which primarily aimed at empowering and protecting young people, enhancing their awareness and exploring their future role in global media and research institutions.

He stated that TRENDS also organized the Think Tank Talent for the Future forum, which was a major global summit focused on how to empower young researchers and enhance their role in research and intellectual institutions around the world. This confirms TRENDS' commitment to enhancing the capabilities and skills of young people in the field of scientific research and preparing them to be reliable experts of the future.