09 November 2021

TRENDS CEO Discusses Opportunities for Mutual Cooperation with Foreign Press Center at the US Department of State US Official Commends TRENDS’ Research Efforts


CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Foreign Press Center of the US State Department in Washington, on the sidelines of TRENDS’ first annual international conference, which was held in Washington over two days in partnership with the Atlantic Council.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, who was accompanied by Dr. Fatouh Haikal, Head of the Scientific Research Unit at TRENDS, was received by Mr. William Martin, the center’s Foreign Service Officer, who briefed them on the services they provided to over 1,700 accredited journalists in the US capital.

In his brief presentation, Mr. Martin said that the center supported the mission of the State Department by deepening global understanding of the US policy, culture, society and values through its interaction with foreign media, and that they provided resident foreign media with opportunities to attend briefings and round table sessions on US foreign policy, economy, and society.

Dr. Al-Ali also briefed Mr. Martin on TRENDS’ research activities and its role in guiding decision-makers through its visionary approach. He emphasized TRENDS’ mission to serve as a bridge of communication between the Middle East and the world through its scientific studies and research, with the aim of disseminating knowledge and best practices based on the values ​​of tolerance, peace and stability and the renunciation of violence and hatred.

He added that, in addition to conducting research, TRENDS Research and Advisory develops training programs and specialized initiatives that support young researchers, academics and the society in general, besides organizing various events, seminars, conferences, and regional and global forums on topical issues.

Dr Al-Ali indicated that his visit to the Foreign Press Center of the US State Department in Washington stemmed from TRENDS’ appreciation for the center’s media efforts, and went on to express TRENDS’ eagerness to strengthen its media and research partnerships with the center.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on ways to enhance research and media cooperation, and discussed the prospect of exchanging experts as a means of fostering mutually beneficial goals.

Mr. Martin expressed his appreciation for the research and training efforts carried out by TRENDS Research and Advisory, and for its significant contributions towards sustainable development.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Al-Ali presented Mr. Martin with a commemorative shield as a token of his appreciation for the global media efforts by the Foreign Press Center of the US State Department.