16 September 2021

Mr. Saleh Al-Baydani, Director of the London-based Al-Arab newspaper’s office in Yemen, visited TRENDS Research and Advisory recently and was given an introductory tour of its research, training and consultation sectors and departments. He was briefed about the center’s research and scientific activities and the various publications that have been produced by these departments, as well as the efforts of TRENDS to enrich the realm of scientific research with international-standard and fact-based studies and research.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, welcomed Saleh Al-Baydani and took him on a tour of the various sectors and departments.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali discussed with Saleh Al-Baydani the opportunities for productive future partnership and cooperation between TRENDS Research and Advisory and Al-Arab newspaper in areas of research and media. He praised the media efforts of the London-based Al-Arab newspaper in enlightening the Arab and world public opinion, and the credible knowledge content it provides to its readership.

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory said that research centers and media institutions share many common features, including accuracy of content, high quality knowledge and strategic outputs aiming to enlighten the world public opinion, and exposing the ideologies of obscurantist forces which are bent on instilling destructive ideas into young people’s minds and undermining the security and stability of countries.

Al-Ali explained that the new strategy of TRENDS Research and Advisory aims at expanding its network of partnerships and cooperation with various media and academic institutions  and Arab and international research centers. He said that TRENDS, by strengthening its research and academic partnerships, seeks to be an international bridge for knowledge and academic communication between research centers and media institutions. It also seeks to play an active role in shaping the future and providing constructive proposals to decision makers that help them how to plan ahead for dealing with crises and challenges, he added.

Saleh Al-Baydani commended the research and scholarly efforts of TRENDS Research and Advisory. He said TRENDS has become a unique scientific and knowledge icon in the Middle East and the world that was recognized for the in-depth research, studies and publications it produces.

He also said that there are many common objectives shared by research centers and media institutions, notably the production of accurate and authentic scholarly content which provides the global audience with clear information and unmistakable facts. He added that they both analyze international opportunities, crises and challenges, and provide international decision and policy makers with workable solutions.

Saleh Al-Baydani showed great interest in enhancing cooperation and partnership between TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Al-Arab newspaper, particularly in areas that help spread awareness and knowledge about internal and external issues, and enlighten the public on national and international phenomena and needs.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali presented Saleh Al-Baydani with a number of copies of TRENDS publications and TRENDS’ Shield in appreciation of the media and knowledge content provided by the newspaper.