05 September 2021

A delegation from TRENDS Research and Advisory has visited the offices of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) to discuss opportunities to enhance research and media cooperation to serve the shared goals of both parties, especially in terms of producing solid content that serves national plans to advance development and knowledge.

His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al-Raisi, Executive Director of WAM, briefed Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, on the services provided by WAM, the development projects it is currently implementing and the achievements it has made. He explained the agency’s work and the role it has played in promoting the development journey of the UAE over the past 50 years and the progress it has achieved in all fields.

His Excellency Mr. Al-Raisi stated that TRENDS Research and Advisory, which was established in 2014, has become a leading think tank that contributes to supporting the country's forward-looking vision, strategic plans and aspirations to achieve global leadership across all sectors. He praised the content produced by TRENDS to support decision-making and serve the community.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali praised the great role played by WAM in educating the public and promoting the UAE’s success story and continuous achievements. He expressed his appreciation of WAM’s coverage of TRENDS activities and events, and stressed the importance of cooperation between research centers and media institutions to offer balanced content that counters extremist and destructive ideologies.

Dr. Al-Ali added that since its establishment, TRENDS has been implementing a scientific research strategy aimed at providing objective insights on regional and global strategic issues while keeping pace with current developments and utilizing technology and artificial intelligence in its work.