15 March 2021

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, received Dr. Arif Sultan Al-Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Mariam Al- Mahmoud, Deputy Director-General of the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, who recently joined the TRENDS Board of Directors. Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali expressed his warm welcome to the two new Board members, and underlined that they represent a significant addition to TRENDS Research and Advisory, given their diverse experience and commendable achievements.

Subsequently, the members of the Board of Directors met to discuss the future plan of TRENDS and its various programs, notably the modern training and qualification programs, and the various research programs specialized in political Islam, tolerance, coexistence, artificial intelligence, economy, security and military affairs. The Board members also discussed the scientific, research and training partnerships that TRENDS intends to conclude with various research centers and academic institutions during the coming period, with a view to enhancing its global impact.

The meeting also looked at ways to enhance its research, scientific, advisory and training activities and further expand globally. TRENDS’ future plan is based on the slogan “Empowerment Through Excellence”, which reflects the ambition towards more creativity and innovation in all research, scientific, training and advisory outputs in accordance with the latest internationally recognized standards by the most prestigious think tanks, research centers and training and advisory institutions in the world.

Following the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali accompanied Dr. Arif Sultan Al-Hammadi and Dr. Mariam Al-Mahmoud on an introductory tour to acquaint them with the main departments and newly-created units and sections in TRENDS Research and Advisory, the main departments being the Department of Strategic Studies, Department of Economic Studies, Department of Political Islam, Training Department, Strategic Communication Department, Scientific Publications Department, Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence Studies Department, and Global Barometer Department. As for the new departments, TRENDS recently established the “TRENDS Lab for Future Foresight”, “TRENDS International Unit”, “TRENDS Global Smart Library”, and “TRENDS Smart Multimedia Lab”, all of which aim to improve TRENDS’ research, advisory and training outputs.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali emphasized that TRENDS’ future plan aims to enhance its global presence, increase its contribution to scientific research, and build on what has been achieved in this regard so far.

Al-Ali noted that TRENDS Research and Advisory was ranked among the world’s top 10 emerging research centers on the 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, issued by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Al-Ali explained that TRENDS seeks to strengthen its position on the map of influential research centers in the world, which is why it employs the best experts in the research, training and advisory fields, and seeks to implement the latest international standards and specifications to improve its research, scientific and advisory outputs.

Dr. Arif Sultan Al-Hammadi and Dr. Mariam Al-Mahmoud praised TRENDS Research and Advisory, both for its distinguished research and scientific publications, and for its specialized training and qualification programs aimed at empowering future leaders.