26 October 2021

Enriching the Experience of the Book Fair Visitors with a Unique Cultural Dose

TRENDS Research and Advisory has concluded its participation at the 73rd edition of the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2021, which was held from 20 to 24 October in the German city of Frankfurt.

TRENDS’ participation at the book fair was particularly important as it was the first participation at this global event, which is the largest international cultural event on books. The book fair is also considered the most important exhibition in the world, where tens of thousands of intellectuals, writers, researchers and publishers from all over the world meet.

It is noteworthy that the TRENDS has participated at the Frankfurt Fair with a unique pavilion that included more than 120 scholarly publications, and interesting publication series that cover many political, economic, security, and technological fields as well as Political Islam movements, which visitors to the TRENDS's pavilion considered to be a unique scholarly and cultural treasure.

Commendations and expert visits

Over the course of five days, TRENDS’ pavilion at the book fair witnessed an influx of large numbers of different groups and visitors, including officials, researchers, academics, writers, and intellectuals who confirmed that the pavilion resembles an international library that contains rich and solid research and scholarly treasures.

It is noteworthy, in this regard, that a delegation from the Center for Islamic Culture in Frankfurt visited the TRENDS pavilion, and expressed its desire to acquire TRENDS’ publications to enhance the Islamic Center’s library with solid scholarly content. The pavilion was also visited by a delegation from the Spanish International Book Fair, in addition to the Executive Director of the Emirates Publishers Association, Mr. Rashid Al Kous.

The TRENDS pavilion also received the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Book Authority, Dr. Haitham Al-Haj Ali, who expressed his admiration at the high level of TRENDS’ scholarly and informative publications. The pavilion was also visited by the CEO of the Israeli Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (ITHL), and the General Manager of Digiworld Creative, who expressed his desire to distribute TRENDS’ publications via the company’s electronic library.

The TRENDS pavilion was also visited by a delegation from the Arab Book Publishers Forum, the General Manager of the Jinhau Printing Group, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Mediahaus Frankfurt from the Institute for German-Moroccan Studies, and the Intellectual Property Director of eBookPro from Israel, who discussed opportunities for cooperation with TRENDS. The pavilion also received Bahaa El Din Rashid, General Manager of Ghar Hira Publishing House, and Hussein Mohammed from the Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation, as well as various visits by a number of Arab and international publishing houses participating in the Frankfurt International Book Fair. Researchers and students from German universities also visited the pavilion.

Building bridges of knowledge

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the Frankfurt International Book Fair constitutes a leading platform to introduce TRENDS’ global strategy and its vision of shifting from foreseeing the future to actively participating in its making. The book fair was also an opportunity to meet international publishers to build bridges of knowledge and communication with other cultures.

Al-Ali stressed that the participation came out of TRENDS’ keenness to actively be present in global cultural forums which bring together pioneers of culture, literature and knowledge, and to contribute to enriching them through its various publications that keep pace with contemporary developments in various regional and international issues.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ali pointed out that TRENDS Research and Advisory aimed, through its participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, to open up to the most important global markets in the book and publishing industry, and to introduce its quality publications and the scholarly and knowledge events that it organizes throughout the year.