17 April 2021

The Council provides recommendations and proposals to improve the Center’s performance, especially in research, advisory, and training sectors.

ABU DHABI, April 20 – TRENDS Research & Advisory has constituted an Advisory Council, including a group of experts in political, strategic, media, technology, economic and legal affairs, and political Islam and strategic communication. TRENDS Director-General, Mr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, has been named the head of the Council, aiming to improve the think-tank’s performance and maximize its research and training outputs.

The Council frequently meets to discuss issues related to tasks and specializations and advises on the various TRENDS activities. It also discusses and reviews TRENDS annual strategic plan, studies, projects, and initiatives and follows up on their implementation. The Council provides recommendations and proposals to improve the Center’s performance, especially in research, advisory, and training sectors.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, the CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, said that the Council is part of TRENDS’ annual plan 2021, under the slogan Empowerment Through Excellence, which reflects the Center’s global ambition. He said that TRENDS aspires to provide high-quality research consistent with the internationally recognized standards followed by the most prestigious think-tanks worldwide.

Dr. Al-Ali said that TRENDS seeks to become a research, knowledge, and academic hub bringing together experts, academics, and specialists worldwide to raise the quality of research and intellectual output and diversify research methods to achieve its objectives.

Mr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, the Director-General of TRENDS, emphasized that the TRENDS Advisory Council reflects the Center’s keenness to benefit from experiences in various fields and improve its performance in line with its ambitious goals to consolidate its global presence. Mr. Al-Nuaimi said that the Council encapsulates TRENDS philosophy of continuous improvement and modernization, which aims to entrench the culture of excellence, creativity, and innovation and enhance research, advisory, and training services it provides.

TRENDS Research & Advisory has set up several new departments, sections, and units to develop its general performance. These include the TRENDS Council for Young Researchers, which aims to engage young researchers and present their ideas and views that serve TRENDS activities and encourage them to participate in community service. There is also the Department of Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence Studies, which is dedicated to following up on and analyzing the latest developments in advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence as they are future drivers.

The TRENDS Global Languages Unit aims to enhance research communication with the world in various languages. The TRENDS Knowledge Unit specializes in training and development in different fields, including administrative training, human capital development, time management, and management by objectives. There is also the TRENDS Lab for Future Foresight, which conducts future studies and provides scientific and technical support in future foresight.