03 August 2021

With the aim of promoting positive values ​​and spreading culture and awareness among members of the society

TRENDS continues its support for the “Positive Spirit Initiative” of Dubai Police

In the context of ensuring community participation and activating the national role of the private sector in supporting government agencies and sharing their successes, TRENDS Research and Advisory, one of the specialized national advisory offices in the UAE, has provided support and sponsorship for the “Positive Spirit Initiative” organized by Dubai Police through gifts and electronic devices.

TRENDS’ sponsorship of the initiative stems from its belief in community engagement and support for activities aimed at promoting positive values ​​in society, spreading culture and awareness among its members, and contributing to the consolidation of the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and dialogue among members of society and respect for the other.

The “Positive Spirit Initiative” seeks to spread sports culture and participation as an effective social tool for exploiting leisure time, in addition to spreading a positive spirit and happiness among members of the society through various related cultural, community and voluntary activities.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, expressed his sincere thanks to the “Positive Spirit Initiative” committee for accepting the sponsorship in a spirit of joint cooperation to promote the success of this effective and fruitful community initiative.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed the readiness of TRENDS Research and Advisory to provide all facilities through its expertise to support and render successful the initiative’s activities, which aim to improve the quality of life and enhance societal harmony in residential neighborhoods through the various programs adopted by the initiative in the sports, voluntary, humanitarian, community and educational fields.