01 April 2021

In a ceremony attended by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, and a number of staff members, former Chairman of TRENDS Board of Directors, Hashim Al-Qaisiyya, was honored in recognition of the pivotal role he played in the advancement of the Center during the past period.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali started the ceremony by expressing his sincere thanks and gratitude to Hashim Al-Qaisiyya for his dedication, commitment and service. In his welcoming speech, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali said that this honoring is an appreciation for the hard work, excellence and creativity exhibited by Al-Qaisiyya. He explained that these are the values embraced by TRENDS Research and Advisory in its march towards international expansion and in its provision of diverse research and advisory services to different institutions inside and outside the UAE, adding that TRENDS is striving to establish its presence in major capitals of the world.

For his part, Hashim Al-Qaisiyya delivered a speech in which he congratulated the new Board of Directors of TRENDS Research and Advisory, wishing them every success in leading TRENDS to a higher standing among influential think tanks in the world. Al-Qaisiyya praised the impressive achievements made by TRENDS Research and Advisory within a short period of time, which has positioned it among the most important think tanks, both regionally and internationally.

Hashim Al-Qaisiyya asserted that TRENDS presents an example to other research, advisory and administrative institutions in terms of its commitment to excellence, creativity, innovative leadership, and teamwork spirit.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali presented Hashim Al-Qaisiyya with a TRENDS shield in appreciation of his contributions during his chairmanship of TRENDS’ Board of Directors.