23 August 2021

Within its Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth

TRENDS Research and Advisory has launched a remote training course entitled “News Monitoring Tools and Political and Strategic Analysis” held in the Peace Hall at TRENDS’ headquarters. The course is presented by a group of TRENDS experts and researchers under the supervision of the Training and Knowledge Department.

The 4-day course, which will be conducted in Arabic, is intended for employees of the Ministry of Culture and Youth within the framework of a joint cooperation agreement between the two sides to introduce the importance and objectives of news monitoring and political and strategic analysis. In this context, the course covers concepts, elements and types of political analysis based on quantitative and qualitative political analysis tools. The course also aims to distinguish between news reports and news analyses, and to explain these along with introducing the tools and importance of news monitoring.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, emphasized that this specialized course comes within the framework of the joint cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Youth as part of the social responsibility activities undertaken by TRENDS. He stressed the importance of ongoing training to create qualified generations that are capable of foreseeing the future using science and knowledge.

Dr. Al-Ali said that news monitoring and analysis skills are among the most important skills needed by young people, politicians and media professionals in order to understand events, appreciate their implications, and present a clear and sound analytical picture thereof.

Dr. Al-Ali, who inaugurated the course, underlined that TRENDS has taken upon itself the responsibility of caring for young people and empowering and qualifying them, based on its belief in the importance of this type of training program.

For his part, Mr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, Director-General of TRENDS Research and Advisory, underlined that the new training course on “News Monitoring Tools and Political and Strategic Analysis” forms part of the partnership agreements established by TRENDS with many institutions and ministries. It is one of the TRENDS’ training programs established during 2021 to develop and qualify human cadres by nurturing their skills to deal with various developments, changes and challenges. He noted that TRENDS has this year launched the TRENDS Knowledge initiative, a specialized unit to provide scientific training to researchers and administrators through a set of specialized programs and courses that combine the theoretical and applied sides and keep abreast of all that is new.

Al-Nuaimi stated that the series of training courses is being launched through the Training and Knowledge Department aimed at developing creativity, innovation and excellence skills to achieve the vision and mission of TRENDS Research and Advisory. He explained that TRENDS’ courses are conducted by competent experts through artificial intelligence technology in their diverse training and qualifying programs.