14 October 2021
  Under the dome of Al-Wasl Plaza, TRENDS Research and Advisory has launched a scientific initiative titled “TRENDS at the Heart of the World – EPXO 2020”, the first of a series of events and activities at EXPO 2020 that will involve the participation of all its staff members in line with TRENDS’ new slogan: “From Foreseeing to Participation in Building the Future”. In its independent pavilion, TRENDS’ young researchers will also participate in the ‘Aqdar World Summit’, which will be held alongside ‘EXPO 2020 Dubai’. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said “EXPO embodies a civilizational message of tolerance and coexistence” and that “TRENDS’ participation in Aqdar World Summit and its presence at the heart of the event in an independent pavilion reflects its global orientation and the importance of this international event, which is one of the most prominent global economic and knowledge platforms”

Dr. Al-Ali added that TRENDS Council for Young Researchers held a meeting yesterday under the dome of Al-Wasl Plaza, where they discussed a number of research and future issues, and that TRENDS Advisory council will hold a similar meeting soon at the heart of the event to discuss future plans. Dr. Al-Ali pointed out that a group of young researchers from TRENDS Research and Advisory will present their research experience at the Aqdar World Summit, while TRENDS’ independent pavilion will showcase its future projects and major publications, books and research covering various issues. He explained that in line with its drive to participate in making the future and EXPO’s theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, TRENDS’ activities at the event will also include lectures and research workshops. He added that this is an expression of the high goal of calling for collective action to serve humanity, spread the values of coexistence, reject violence and hate, and achieve stability and sustainable development. Dr. Al-Ali said the participation of TRENDS in EXPO also comes in accordance with its general strategy to achieve leadership and support sustainable development, and emphasizes its globally-oriented view of events and issues. He added that TRENDS’s participation in EXPO 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to present its internationally recognized research output.

Moreover, employees of TRENDS visited EXPO 2020 Dubai yesterday and toured its various pavilions. In addition, Dr. Al-Ali headed a delegation in a visit to the pavilions of the United Nations, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and UAE, as well as the Expo Media Center. They were briefed about the exhibits displaying the history and civilization of these countries. Dr. Al-Ali presented TRENDS Shield to the officials of these pavilions and the EXPO Media Center, praising their activities and efforts to promote the countries concerned.