02 October 2021

TRENDS Presents its Publications to the UAE Embassy in Amman and Signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Jordan Distribution Agency

Officials, Researchers and Writers Visit the TRENDS Pavilion at the Amman Book Fair and Commend the World-Class of the Publications

The pavilion of TRENDS Research and Advisory, which is participating for the first time in the 20th Amman International Book Fair 2021, has had a remarkable turnout from the many categories of visitors who praised the pavilion’s distinguished contents, which include books and scholarly series covering many political, economic and security issues along with in-depth analysis of political Islam movements.

TRENDS’s pavilion was visited by a large number of officials, writers, researchers, academics, intellectuals and publishers, most notably: Jaber Abu Fares, President of the Jordanian Publishers Association and Director of the Amman International Book Fair, and Ibrahim Al-Qadi, Secretary of the Jordanian Publishers Association, in addition to Salah Al-Talawi, member of the Public Relations Committee of the Amman International Book Fair and Director of the Al-Ayyam Publishing and Distribution House in Jordan.

The pavilion also received His Excellency Dr. Ismail Al Mashaqbeh, Member of the Jordanian Parliament, as well as Fadel Bussaim, Director of the Sharjah Book Authority Branch in the Eastern Region, and Jordanian publisher Mohammed Al Hawari.

in addition, H.E Ahmed Ali Al Blushi, the UAE ambassador to Jordan, received Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, who presented to H.E. the ambassador the full set of the Center’s publications during his participation in the “Media Against Hate” conference, which was held within the activities of the Amman International Book Fair.

The ambassador praised the effective role played by the Center in supporting the scientific research movement at the regional and global levels, and the rich and insightful series of seminars and lectures it organizes in support of the global research movement. He also praised TRENDS’ scholarly research and activities and the level of its cultural and informative publications, which have become valuable references for researchers and academics.

TRENDS also presented a set of its most important cultural and informative publications to the Jordanian National Library, including the TRENDS Encyclopedia on the Muslim Brotherhood; Reviews in the Experiences of Islamist Movements in the Post-Arab Spring: The Ennahda Movement as a Model; The Closed Circle: Joining and Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood in the West; The European Union’s Role in the Post-Covid-19 World”; Oil Markets in the Post-Pandemic World; and The UAE and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Model in Crisis Management and Achieving Sustainable Recovery.

In a related context, TRENDS Research and Advisory signed a memorandum of cooperation and partnership with the Jordan Distribution Agency in order to benefit from the agency’s expertise in the field of distributing publications of all kinds, in addition to seeking to distribute TRENDS’ publications across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, especially through the Sweifieh Bookshop, the Al Ahlia Bookstore and Amman International Airport, as well as through social media outlets.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, underlined that TRENDS is keen to participate in various regional and international book fairs with the aim of spreading culture and knowledge and contributing to providing readers with solid scholarly content that opens up horizons for inquiring minds to anticipate the future and actively participate in its making.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali expressed his appreciation of the numerous visits paid to the TRENDS pavilion at the Amman International Book Fair, including by officials, parliamentarians, writers and intellectuals, which indicates that TRENDS’ publications and message have received the interest and appreciation of many visitors to the Book Fair.

Al-Ali stated that the Amman International Book Fair is one of the most prominent Arab and international cultural and intellectual forums, as it hosts dozens of countries and hundreds of publishing houses and attracts a selection of Arab and foreign thinkers, intellectuals and artists. He added that this forum is an opportunity to present TRENDS’s informative and scholarly output and target a larger segment of Arab readers.

TRENDS’ CEO indicated that the Center believes in the importance of culture and knowledge in spreading the values ​​of peace and the principles of tolerance and human fraternity. It also strives to enrich the global research movement with a scholarly output that is both credible and objective in contributing effectively to addressing international risks and challenges. TRENDS’ publications are also aimed at supporting decision makers with studies, researches, opinion polls and situation assessments that are based on innovative methods and accurate and reliable information.

For his part, Jaber Abu Fares, President of the Jordanian Publishers Association and Director of the Amman International Book Fair, said that participation by TRENDS Research and Advisory in the Amman International Book Fair is qualitative and unique, and enriches the Book Fair with a wide range of valuable scholarly publications that attract many segments of visitors.

Abu Fares praised TRENDS’ publications, which are characterized by diversity and richness and cover a range of regional and global issues that have captured the attention of the Arab and international community, especially concerning political Islam movements, peace, tolerance and coexistence, future foresight, sustainable development, and the Covid-19 pandemic.