04 October 2021

A New Study Explains how the Exposition Conveys Messages of Tolerance, Coexistence, Hope and Optimism for All Peoples

TRENDS Releases a New Study Entitled “Expo 2020 Dubai: The UAE Welcomes the World”

TRENDS Research and Advisory has released a new study entitled: “Expo 2020 Dubai: The UAE Welcomes the World”, authored by Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory. The study explains how Expo 2020 Dubai was launched under a highly expressive slogan of its sublime message, namely “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. With a record-breaking 192 countries participating, this edition of the World Expo features the broadest coverage and highest attendance in the 170-year history of such events.

The study shows that the first part of the Expo 2020 Dubai slogan, “Connecting Minds”, carries the content of the first message that the UAE seeks to convey to the world; namely, the importance of promoting the values ​​of dialogue, communication and cultural cooperation among all the peoples and societies of the world. This is an important aim given that communication and constructive dialogue are the solid foundations and the most important gateway to achieving consensus, peace and common prosperity for all countries and peoples.

It goes on to show that the UAE has always believed in the values ​​of communication and dialogue between peoples, and has always worked to promote this culture and spread it within its territory, throughout the region and across the whole world. In the context, the country believes that through communication and constructive dialogue, all problems and crises can be resolved, agreement and harmony that promote human cooperation in the face of common dangers can be achieved, and well-being and prosperity for all can be attained.

The study shows that the UAE, through the Expo 2020 Dubai, sends a message of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of the other. This global exhibition constitutes a real opportunity to promote those sublime values as it provides a forum that allows the millions of visitors expected to come from different countries of the world to meet with each other to exchange views that promote a common understanding of each party’s beliefs and values and allow the exchange of visions and ideas on many issues and challenges for mankind.

The study underlines that Expo 2020 Dubai is a microcosm of a society based on the value of tolerance. It reflects the UAE as a country where more than 200 nationalities live within a system based on the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, acceptance and respect for others. Employees of nearly 65 nationalities and nearly 30,000 volunteers from 185 countries are working, cohabiting and communicating in the exhibition on a daily basis with the sole goal of hosting an exceptional event by all standards.

The study adds that the UAE sees Expo 2020 Dubai as a real occasion to continue its efforts to spread and consolidate the values ​​of tolerance worldwide, especially as the exhibition brings together the various countries of the world under one umbrella and serves to achieve global cooperation between peoples through tolerance and human fraternity.

The study reveals that Expo 2020 Dubai offers a clear message about the start of the phase of economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and liberation from the general lockdown policies that have had significant negative effects around the world. Furthermore, in light of the momentum accompanying the exhibition, it undoubtedly constitutes a road map to stimulate global economic growth.

The study shows that the second part of the slogan of Expo 2020 Dubai, “Creating the Future”, sends a message to the effect that the UAE seeks to contribute effectively to making the future, not only in its region, but also in the whole world. To this end, the exhibition is a means through which various countries of the world come together to find solutions and mechanisms for making the future.