28 September 2021

With the Aim of Conducting Joint Seminars and Lectures and Enhancing Research and Knowledge Cooperation

TRENDS Signs a Cooperation and Partnership Agreement with the Atlantic Council

TRENDS Research and Advisory has signed a cooperation agreement with the Atlantic Council that aims to enhance cooperation between the two sides in the fields of scientific and knowledge research, and to organize joint scientific events aimed at advancing a common understanding of regional and international issues.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, and Julie Varghese, Chief Operating Officer of the Atlantic Council.

The agreement seeks to establish a general framework for cooperation and coordination between the two parties in areas of common interest, especially in the field of security and economic studies and strategic research based on independent and objective research and careful analysis. It would also serve to enhance mutual cooperation in relevant scientific and academic fields along with joint research, exchanges of experts and researchers, and joint scientific and research events.

The Atlantic Council, which is based in Washington DC, USA, is an influential think tank in the field of international affairs that provides a forum for global politicians, businessmen and thinkers. It also manages ten regional centers and functional programs related to international security and global economic prosperity.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of the TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the memorandum of cooperation and understanding with the Atlantic Council stems from TRENDS’ keenness to strengthen research and scientific partnerships with major research and thought-leading institutions and centers in the region and the world.

Al-Ali stated that the cooperation and partnership agreement reflects TRENDS’ aim of promoting its regional and international visibility of TRENDS through continuous engagement with various global research institutions. By expanding its network of partnerships with leading think tanks, TRENDS will build upon the reputation it has achieved as a leading center specialized in global, regional and Arab issues.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali indicated that he looks forward to strengthening research and scientific cooperation with the Atlantic Council, which, as one of the world’s most important research and intellectual institutions, plays a vital role in analyzing global strategic developments and conducting relevant research as a means of contributing to strengthening understanding of the latest developments in international issues.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS Research and Advisory attaches great importance to coordination and cooperation with research and intellectual institutions, including the Atlantic Council, to strengthen its research output and extensive range of activities. He added that by strengthening its research and scientific partnerships, TRENDS aims to be a bridge of knowledge and academic communication between the most important research and studies centers at the regional and international levels as a means of anticipating future international crises and issues and developing visions and proposals that help decision makers to deal constructively with them.

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory expressed his expectation that this agreement would contribute to strengthening cooperation with the Atlantic Council in areas of common interest, and praised the Atlantic Council’s role in serving the field of global scientific research.

It is noteworthy that TRENDS Research and Advisory has signed in 2021 more than 90 agreements and memoranda of cooperation and partnership with research and intellectual centers, academic institutions, and local, regional and international government and private agencies.